The Future is Here: Remote WIL at UOW in 2020 and Beyond

This webinar will be hosted by Dr Bonnie Dean and Associate Professor Michelle Eady, dedicated members of UOW’s WIL Advisory Committee and highly active members of national and international WIL organisations, ACEN and WACE.

There will be three presentations by experienced WIL practitioners who will reflect on their transition to remote WIL in response to COVID-19:

  1. The challenges they faced and how they dealt with them;
  2. The strategies and resources they implemented to support students and industry partners;
  3. Outcomes of their transition to remote WIL for key stakeholders; and
  4. Their plans for remote WIL moving forward.


  • Herb Groeller is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Students (School of Medicine), Centre for Medical and Exercise Physiology/School of Medicine. Herbert coordinates EXSC330: Exercise Prescription.
  • Tracey Glover-Chambers is a Scholarly Teaching Fellow, Graduate Career Development & Employability and the Subject Coordinator for CRLP200, an elective WIL subject.
  • Prof Fazel Naghdy (EIS), Catriona Taylor (Assoc. Lecturer, LTC) and Dr Meeta Chatterjee Padmanabhan (Senior Lecturer, LTC) co-deliver ENGG980, a core subject in the Master of Engineering.