Summer Job Series - Workshop 2 - Know Your rights to work in Australia

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Now that you are wrapping up your studies for 2020, come along to our International Students Summer Job Series and get the skills and knowledge you need to find a job for the summer break and 2021.

We will be concentrating on the practical things you can do today to find employment and plan the next steps in your career, while making sure you know your rights and responsibilities in the Australian workplace, how to write competitive applications and be interview ready.

Get ready to get paid, build skills and make lots of new contacts. Register your spot today!

Please note:

  • Domestic students are welcome to attend however, some of the content of these workshops is tailored for international students.
  • You may have previously attended some of the workshops offered in this series. The content is very similar and you are welcome to register again.

Workshop 2, Know Your rights to work in Australia:

Are you currently working or looking for a job in Australia? Then it’s important you know your rights at work in Australia.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s workshop will talk about the role of the Fair Work Ombudsman and your rights at work in Australia, such as the minimum wage and the differences between fulltime, part time and casual employment. It will also discuss the new referral protocol that it has with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and how this can help you. It will cover information about their free services, including their Record My Hours app, their Infoline, in-language material and web-based tools and resources. Finally, it will look at the common issues to watch out for in the workplace and give you some handy tips to remember when you get a job.

Check out the other workshops as part of the International Students Summer Job Series and register to as many as you like. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday 8 December:

  • Workshop 1 - How to: Plan your career and find work in a competitive job market – midday
  • Workshop 3 - How to: Find casual work in Australia – 2.30 pm

Thursday 10 December:

  • Workshop 4 - How to: Write an Australian resume - midday
  • Workshop 5 - How to: Ace your interview – 1.15 pm
  • Workshop 6 - How to: Make the most of LinkedIn in your job search – 2.30 pm