Stats Week 2020 Workshop Series

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    Recurs every day until Thursday 6th Feb 2020
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 6 SMART, Room 105 University of Wollongong Northfields Avenue, Northfields Avenue Keiraville, NSW 2500 AU
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Tuesday, 4 February


Half day workshop on Flexible informative rank-based inference


Presented by Professor Olivier Thas, Data Science Institute, I‐BioStat, Hasselt University, Belgium, Department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, Ghent University, Belgium and National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA), University of Wollongong, Australia.

In this workshop Prof Thas will demonstrate how the classical rank tests, such as the Wilcoxon rank sum test, Kruskal‐Wallis test, Friedman test, can be embedded within a semiparametric class of models (Probabilistic Index Models, PIM). The advantage of this approach is that the tests also come with informative parameter estimates. Another advantage of this formulation is that the models can be extended to include continuous covariates (e.g. confounders) or other design factors (e.g. blocking factor), which is generally not possible with the classical rank tests. This flexible method allows the data analyst to define a statistical model in very much the same way as defining a linear regression / anova model for a given study design. The tests that come out of our procedures are the classical rank tests and generalisations of them. Furthermore, the tests, estimators and confidence intervals have very good small sample properties. All methods have been implemented in the pim R package.

Prof Thas will introduce the basics of the methods, without going too deep into the theory, but with emphasis on building the models. Interpreting the parameters and test results, and on using the pim R package. This workshop can be seen as a modern treatment of a traditional course on nonparametric statistics that goes far beyond what was possible with the classical rank tests. Many examples will be given, and all R code will be available.


External Fee: $225
SSAI Members $200
Staff and Students of UOW and ASEARC members and Retirees: $75
NIASRA, SMAS and Honorary members: Free

Registration will include lunch and is strictly limited

Wednesday 5 February

Workshop on Advances in Statistical Disclosure Limitation

The workshop will start with a short course covering the following topics:

  • Introduction the terminology and basic concept on data privacy Why agencies need to apply SDL methods?
  • Types of SDL methods: perturbative, synthetic.
  • Measures of data Utility Disclosure Risk for microdata (privacy criteria: differential privacy, kanonymity, other criteria) SDL methods for microdata and their properties (microaggregation, additive and multiplicative noises, swapping, combinations of SDL methods that improve utility)

Presentations will then be given by speakers from

  • The National Centre for Health Statistics, USA
  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The University of Wollongong
  • The Georgia Southern University CSIRO
  • Data61

Dr Anna Oganyan, US National Centre for Health Statistics and National Institute of Statistical Sciences.


External Fee: $450
SSAI Members $400
Staff and Students of UOW and ASEARC members and Retirees: $150
NIASRA, SMAS and Honorary members: Free

Thursday 6 February

Symposium on Advances in Statistical Methodology, organised to celebrate the career of Professor Ray Chambers


Roberto Benedetti, James Brown, Robert Clark, Alan Dorfmann, Paul Smith, Siu‐Ming Tam, Nickos Tzavidis, Suojin Wang, Alan Welsh, and Li Chun Zhang.

The symposium will consider some of the important areas of statistical methodology in which Ray has extensive interests. Ray has made extensive and significant contributions in a range of areas, such as Sample Survey Design and Analysis, Robust Statistical Methods, Small Area Estimation, Graphical Methods in Statistics, Computer Intensive Statistical Methods, Statistical Modelling and Inference, Longitudinal Data Analysis, and Analysis of ComputerLinked Data.


External Fee: $450
SSAI Members $400
Staff and Students of UOW and ASEARC members and Retirees: $150
NIASRA, SMAS and Honorary members: Free

Places are strictly limited and registrations will be processed as they are received
Single day registrations are available.

To register and for further information please contact Michele Boatswain on