PCI Symposium - 5 October 2020

Performance Curators Initiatives (PCI) Symposium 2020: Conversations on Curation and Performance in the Time of Halting and Transformation

On the onset of the pandemic, artists and other creatives were some of the first to respond and 'tangibly' grapple with our current predicament in the form of artistic productions in and during quarantine. Amidst all these we are seeing the increasing role of curation in organising and bringing new platforms for rethinking performance. Join us as we try to capture these timely and crucial conversations on the increasing importance and vital role of curation in reimagining and reembodying performance in the time of forced isolation, physical distancing, and non-live interaction, as strategies for moving in this time of halting, but more importantly, as an active participation in reimagining new directions in this time of transformation.

Presented by Roselle Pineda, Artistic Director of the Performance Curators Initiative (PCI) and a UOW HDR student in the School of the Arts, English and Media.

This is Roselle's final Creative Exhibition as part of her Doctorate submission.