Early Start Webinar: Early Childhood Education & Care In A Shifting Landscape

This webinar is NESA registered for professional development.

Quality early childhood educational systems play a critical role in the health, wealth, wellbeing and development of children, families and communities. The impact of ECEC depends largely on the effectiveness of the system, and more importantly on educators’ ability to create enriching, supportive, and safe environments.

For many young children across Australia the recent bushfires, floods and now the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended normal childhood experiences. They may not be able to play with friends, attend extra-curricular activities, spend time with grandparents and extended family or attend preschool or kindergarten – potentially disrupting the benefits children accrue from engaging in these experiences.

This webinar series sheds light on these experiences by examining the impact of adversity on children, families and the community, and advocates for the role of quality ECEC to a nations’ response efforts.

After their presentations, our two keynote speakers will be joined by UOW Early Start experts for a Q&A session around these issues.

This webinar series will be of particular interest to educators, academics, policy makers and parents.