Clown - Serenely surviving ce soir...

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  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29, Theatre G04
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Director: Emily Ayoub
Performed & devised by Second Year Bachelor of Performance students

“We must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature – or go insane.” - Charlie Chaplin, My Autobiography

CLOWN - Serenely surviving ce soir... will see a bunch of lovable fools take on the theatrical realm of the clown and other eccentrics carried by life’s absurdities. Inspired by the current forces of nature we find ourselves struggling to comprehend, students have searched for their own individual clowns by seeking to play their most truly vulnerable selves. By accessing their inner clown’s naivety, openness, eagerness and curiosity, they have investigated and wrestled with theatrical ‘play ’through the lens of the clown’s profound sense of renewed discovery.

The creative process has been approached like a theatrical masterclass in both clown and absurdism from which a series of experiments, scenes and numbers have been created to produce a show completely devised through rigorous ensemble-led collaboration. Thematically, these scenes have taken their cue from the experience of living through a pandemic, namely where loneliness, despair, shame, anxiety and pain manifest into moments of laughter, naivety and tragedy. As an ensemble, we have worked with the provocation of the red nose as a genuine expression of humanity that challenges us to laugh at ourselves and those things that might cause us pain. Tonight, ce soir, we invite you to link arms in a socially distanced manner and embrace the comedy of errors that is 2020. After all, more now than ever, the world needs clowns.

Cast: Irelish Barker, Casey Cleary, Marlay Commandeur, Alayna Dafter, Molly Garry, Bryce Grover, Emily Hespe, Adam Lee and Daniel Simpson
Production and Stage Manager: Jeremy Ainsworth (PM), Simon Finnegan (SM) & Angela Tran (ASM)
Sound Designer: Emily Ayoub & Simon Finnegan
Lighting Designer: Karen Norris

This production has a COVID-Safe plan in place to reduce risk of potential virus transmission. Patrons are advised that they will not be permitted entry if they are showing signs of flu or cold symptoms.

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