ACES public lecture 19 August 2020

ACES 2020 Public Lecture

From science fiction to science fact, researchers continue to work towards the creation of a "brain on the bench" using 3D bioprinting of stem cells to assist neuroscientists in better understanding and treating neurological diseases.

The ACES 2020 Public Lecture will bring together researchers, clinicians and ethicists involved in this groundbreaking work.

In this online event, you will hear from:

  • Prof Gordon Wallace, a scientist who will describe how advances in stem cell technologies and biofabrication are making this vision seem possible;
  • Prof Mark Cook, a neurologist who will explain the significance of advances in materials and fabrication in terms of understanding and treating neurological disorders such as epilepsy;
  • Prof Katina Michael, who will encourage us to consider the social and ethical implications of such advances for our communities as a whole.