ACCESS panel session - 12 June 2020

ACCESS Panel Session: a conversation on post-pandemic urbanism

OVID-19 and responses to it will alter cities, for better or worse. What are the implications for current and future cities and what are the prospects for a just recovery? Does the legacy of lockdown exacerbate urban inequality? How might housing and economy be reshaped? What types of cities will result from altered planning processes, new technologies, new ways of working and moving? What might this mean for the settler-colonial city? Finally, and more positively, does t he pandemic provide opportunities to innovate, so as to ‘build back better’?

In this panel conversation, some of Sydney’s leading urbanists reflect on the road to recovery, what a just urban recovery might look like, and how to get there.

Featured panelists: Kurt Iveson, Jennifer Kent, Chris Gibson, Kris Ruming, Emma Power, Naama Blatman-Thomas and Chris Pettit

Organised by: Pauline McGuirk (UOW), Robyn Dowling (USYD), Sophia Maalsen (USYD), Tom Baker (UoA) (ARCDP200100176)

Panel Session Zoom link