Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy

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  • Wollongong Campus
    Performance Space 25.168
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Written & Directed by Lily Hensby

In this horror comedy zombie-movie play, written and directed by Lily Hensby, zombies are real and probably coming to get you. A horrifically camp show, Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy is Shaun of the Dead meets Charlie’s Angels meets that book by Clementine Ford. This show was first produced by Shopfront Arts Co Op as part of their members show and now acts as part of the honours requirements for the degree.

Drawing on the experience of like every woman ever, this new Australian play explores what could happen if sexism turned out to be a full on, medical disease where dude’s flesh starts to rot, their eyes fall out, everything is covered in blood and you’re left saying #notallmenarezombies. In Pretty Fly, Hensby has created a text that looks at the very real, very scary aspects of casual misogyny and unconscious toxic masculinity, responding directly from the Time’s Up and #metoo movements however balances these politics with campy horror tropes and jump scares and a big climactic scene in Bunnings Warehouse.