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Osmosis: Media Arts

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  • Innovation Campus (Wollongong)
    Digital Media Centre, Building 232
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Osmosis also evokes the breadth and complexity of students’ creative vision and explorations across three degrees: Bachelor of Creative Arts, Bachelor of Digital Media, and Bachelor of Communication and Media. Throughout their programs, our students develop their creative practices, connect with their peers, and grow their capacities to become future leaders in their fields.

This year, two exhibitions will showcase the results of such osmotic learning across multiple disciplines. The two events present the visual richness and emotional power of a broad spectrum of new works that reflect diverse approaches to materials, processes and technologies in the areas of Visual Arts, Visual Arts & Design, Graphic Design, and Media Arts.

The Visual Arts exhibits a multiplicity of creative, conceptual and material processes through textiles, sculpture, photography, painting, video and installation art. Graphic Design presents a wide variety of print-based and web-based projects that explore branding and communication. Media Arts stages an exciting range of explorations using media technologies to offer audience members new experiences of interactive, 3D and 4D environments. All works offer new voices and perspectives.

Osmosis is a significant occasion that marks our students’ transition from undergraduate studies to deploying their practical, conceptual, creative and technical abilities in the real world. The two events are the result of the commitment and effort of our graduating students and the staff that support them. The students have undertaken a range of fundraising activities including the very successful 2019 fundraising ART AUCTION, and sharing responsibilities for designing the website and promotional materials, to bring you Osmosis.

The School of the Arts, English and Media congratulates the students on their accomplishments to date, and anticipates their future achievements. We hope that you will join us at these enriching and thought-provoking events!