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Feed: Exhibition (Student Initiated Project)

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  • Wollongong Campus
    TAEM, Blutack, Cloisters & Ground Floor Galleries, Building 25
  • Contact Detailshos-taem@uow.edu.au

Curators: Emma Moser and Nicola Crampton-Smith

Free entry, all welcome!
Supported by the School of the Arts, English and Media

Visually engaging and saturated with diverse concepts, Feed explores how artists engage with the endless stream of images and stories encountered in everyday living. The works in this exhibition including installations, paintings, photographs and textiles tackle current socio-cultural, political and environmental issues. Autobiography, feminism, materiality, narrative and ecology are but a few of the approaches that underpin these works. Feed offers a space for coming into contact with ‘what feeds us’ and ‘what consumes us’. It’s a reminder of the power of art to advocate for change.

Curators Emma Moser and Nicola Crampton-Smith say: Feed aims to expose the audience to infinite artistic versions of daily life. As curators, we want to encourage the public to experience the world through different creative lenses captured through diverse experimental artworks, which are displayed across multiple gallery spaces. The works in this exhibition address our inner desires and reactions to the world around us.

Feed is the fourth student-initiated exhibition to take place as part of the School of the Arts, English and Media’s SIP program, which was established in 2008. It provides students with a unique opportunity to exhibit their works outside of formal class assessments and gain valuable curatorial and practical skills. The curators have worked over the mid-year break to develop Feed, which opens in the first week of Spring session.

Participating artists: Evan Anderson, Kally Arnold, Soleil Auciello, Ashleigh Broadhead, Eliza Carroll, Imogene Carter, Emma Collins, Nicola Crampton-Smith, Chelsi-lee Dorn, Emelia Feutrill, William Gilbert-Rolfe, Alannah Grasso, Imogen Hourd, Michelle Huntington, Karl-Kristian Jahnsen Hus, Elena Joulianou, Alexiya Kramarenko, Elianna Kritikos, Jennifer Lane, Damien Martin, Jacqueline Martin, Iona Mckernan, Angelic Graf Mcnabb, Caitlin Mcstay, Mark Merrikin, Siena Montgomery, Emma Moser, Laura Paradisis, Christopher Paskins, Tina Pitsiavas, Harry Pitt, Kaylee Prokop, Julianna Lucia Rafaelle, Lilly Rowan, Kelsey Ryan-Agnew, Jemma Sharwood, Emma Shipton, Vera Stasinopoulos, Eliza Tame, Miranda Tom, Nova Tucker, Pfreya Villarey, Melissa Watt, Alec Webb, Sarah White, Xinyan Zeng.