Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
2 Day Executive Education (cancelled)

Please note: This event has been cancelled.

Benefits of attending

The course offers a unique blend of theory, real-case practice, case studies and collaborative team learning in a small cohort of executive contemporaries delivered by one of Australia’s leading data, analytics and A.I. thought-leaders, Tim Trumper. Tim is a regular speaker and writer on the topic for the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is Chair of the NRMA. He is joined by Elizabeth Wilkins, a highly-respected change management consultant and facilitator and Shahriar Akter a specialist academic and Associate Professor from Sydney Business School. This distinctive combination of facilitation styles and expertise means the learning is immediately usable, contemporary and real-life.

You will:

  • Learn with other like-minded peers from a wide range of industries
  • Learn about and understand the language of Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Gain insights into how to leverage Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for powerful competitive advantage for your organisation, your customers and for your career
  • Understand the pros and cons of different data-sets and how to optimise the value from them.
  • Explore how to build, action and leverage a whole-of-enterprise data strategy.
  • Discover how to inculcate a customer-centric organisational philosophy and way of working.
  • Realise the value of using “Big Data” to personalise communications, ask powerful questions and drive business outcomes which deliver more strategic sustainable solutions.
  • Learn about data techniques and practical methods for using data. Explore real examples from the field that are transformational for organisations and their business categories.
  • Undertake real life work in a collaborative team to embed a Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence strategy.

Why this executive education is important today?

Big data, analytics and A.I is one of the fastest trending job categories right now across the country.

This explosion has occurred due to the massive digitization of business, the availability of new data sets and the big data revolution. The upsurge is driven by companies who are injecting analytics into all areas of their value chain and out-performing their competitors. Big data, analytics and A.I. is being utilised to visualize, forecast and describe customer and consumer behaviour, predict future business trends, and propose effective means to enhance business value and business performance.

Contemporary leaders require a real understanding of data use, analytical applications and increasingly how A.I. is impacting their respective industries.

The UOW’s Sydney Business School is excited to be offering this two-day immersive, practical executive short-course to meet the learning needs of Australian business leaders.

Who should attend?

  • Executives wishing to understand where and how to start to embed Data, Analytics and A.I. thinking and culture into their organisations.
  • Executives who wish to turbo-charge their organisation’s customer-centricity by interacting, innovating, transforming, and harnessing business disruption using Data, Analytics and A.I.
  • C-Suite Executives - Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Managing Directors and/or company Founders.
  • Digital Executives - Digital Marketers, Database Marketers, Brand Managers, followers of Market Trends, Market Intelligence and Brand Owners.
  • Customer-Focussed Managers - Customer Relationships Managers, Social Media Executives, Retention and Loyalty Management.
  • Insights Executives - Customer Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Consumer Insights and Market Insights Executives.

Course Facilitators:

Advisor to Quantium (Australia’s leading Data and Analytics company) 
Chairman of The NRMA, 
Director – Population Research Network (University of Western Australia)
Director – Communications For Commerce

Tim also holds interests in several high growth innovative companies which are all data focused, and has a rich corporate history at Board, CEO and MD level with some of Australia’s highest profile companies.

Sydney Business School UOW

Shahriar Akter is an Associate Professor of Digital Marketing, Analytics & Innovation at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, Australia.

Director - Communications For Commerce

Elizabeth is a highly respected C-Suite executive coach, business facilitator and strategic advisor, change management consultant, corporate communications consultant and company director.