CHERII Seminar Series

Event location: Building 21, Room G08

Panel members:

  • Associate Professor Michael Henderson, Faculty of Education, Monash University
    Michael’s research focuses on the implications of using digital technologies in teaching and learning. He is the senior lead Editor for the international journal Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET), a co-leader of the UNESCO sponsored EDUsummIT Creativity and Digital Technologies working group, and an Expert Advisor for the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Authority (TEQSA).
  • Professor Peter Riemann, School of Education and Social work, University of Sydney
    Peter’s research is in cognitive learning research with a focus on educational computing, multimedia-based and knowledge-based learning environments, e-learning, and the development of evaluation and assessment methods for the effectiveness of computer-based technologies. He is the co-director of the Centre for Research on Learning & Innovation (CRLI).
  • Professor Sue Bennett, School of Education, CHERII
    Sue is Head of School, School of Education. Her research focuses on how people engage with technology in their everyday lives and in educational settings. She has led multiple ARC projects focused on Higher Education research, has published over 135 publications and is an Editor for the international journal Computers & Education.
  • Associate Professor Wendy Nielsen, School of Education, CHERII
    Wendy’s research interests are in science teaching and learning. She is leading an ARC Discovery project ‘The Quality of Learning as Students Create Digital Explanations of Science’ that examines how educational technology can be used to support university student learning and teachers’ teaching about science.