Big Shoes To Fill

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Director: Jane Phegan
Featuring: Third Year Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre) Students

Travel with us on a journey through loneliness to belonging as we face the ghosts that haunt us from the past and dare the shadows of the future.

Big Shoes To Fill explores how we seek to define ourselves in 2019 and who we might become as Global Citizens. How would you live your life if you did not feel small, obligated, if you knew you were brave? You'll want to run away and join the circus too! ALL ABOARD!

From the director: Through a process of research as well as wild flights of fancy, the 3rd year Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre) students have devised a show incorporating fact as well as fantasy. Physically, we were interested in pushing the boundaries of our skill set and asking ourselves, how far can we go? Much of our time has been spent painting pictures on the stage with our bodies and exploring storytelling through our selves. Vocally/sound-wise we were curious about what might be possible and have enjoyed the freedom of playing. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a dedicated, enthusiastic and imaginative ensemble. Thank you all for making this process so fulfilling and for trusting there was method in the madness. Congratulations to the cast and crew of all the shows across 3rd year, and from all of us, we hope you enjoy the experiment, Big Shoes To Fill.

Jane graduated from University of Western Sydney - Theatre Nepean (Acting) and University of Sydney (Fine Art, Film and Performance). Recent theatre credits include Small Mouth Sounds (Darlinghurst), Letters to Lindy (Merrigong, National Tour) Lost Boys (Merrigong), Good With Maps (Edinburgh for Siren), Ham Funeral (Siren/Griffin), The Trouble With Harry (Siren/Seymour Centre), Good People (Ensemble Theatre), Beautiful One Day (Belvoir/Ilbijerri/version1.0), Rupert (Theatre Royal), Honchos Meeting in Cowra (Rinkogun, Tokyo), Small Hard Things (TRS), New Electric Ballroom (Griffin/Siren), Angels in America (Riverside) and As You Like It (Siren/CarriageWorks).
From 2005-14, as Company Artist for version 1.0, Jane devised and performed in all their major works including The Table of Knowledge (Merrigong Theatre co-production), THIS KIND OF RUCKUS (Helpmann Award, Best Physical/Visual Theatre) and Deeply Offensive & Utterly Untrue (Drover Award, Best Touring Show). Jane has toured nationally and internationally, voiced radio plays for ABC Radio National, Eastside Radio and worked on several new scripts with Playwriting Australia. She has directed shows at University of Newcastle, Sydney Theatre School and Excelsia College. Jane is a proud member of Equity

Devised and Performed By: Adrian Bishop, Herlinda Brandon, Grace Callaghan, Nathan Edwards, Tayla Foster, Sophie Gibson, Nikita Marshall, Rowan McDonald, Siobhan McDonnell, Grace Milligan, Emma O’Flynn, Jack Taylor, Kevin Tran, Carina Turner

Director/Devisor: Jane Phegan
Stage Manager/Devisor: Daniel Wearden
Production Manager: Thomas Doyle
Sound Design: Jane Phegan and Daniel Wearden
Lighting Design: Jaime Petersen, Mentored by Karen Norris