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Director: Linda Luke
Featuring: Second Year Bachelor of Performance Students

APPETITE pays tribute to the mouth. This extraordinary body part that is hyper mobile and hyper expressive - a gateway between the inside and outside: from breathing, to eating, swallowing, speaking, loving and hating. Our mouths are always in motion and they never truly shut up.

Director Linda Luke invited her cast of eleven 2nd year Bachelor of Performance students and three technical theatre students (Bachelor of Creative Arts, Theatre) to collaborate and explore ‘the mouth’ as a point of departure. The process unfolded to include researching texts by writers such as French feminist Luce Irigaray’s When Our Lips Speak Together and Brandon La Belle’s Lexicon of the Mouth and then interweave these texts with the pertinent concerns about society’s ‘culture wars’ and notions of freedom of speech. The students’ musings ventured into darker territory as they wondered where all this is leading to in the future, thus giving a dystopian undertone to the performance. The process has included non-verbal language – movement, dance and gesture – as a counterpoint to the expression of verbal speech. Some things are better expressed through the body.

Warnings: Haze, coarse language

Cast: Mara Aplin, Kristyan Evans, Billee Paige Harris, Olivia Harris, Patrick Harrison, Flynn Mapplebeck, Abbey McDonald, Florence Moss, Annie Roberts, Cara Severino, Tiarna Wasson
Production Manager: Jaime Petersen
Stage Managers: Kaylee Ashton, Jess Henley-Sadgrove, Lizzie Guistianini
Sound Designer: Kaylee Ashton, Linda Luke
Lighting Designer: Jess Henley-Sadgrove (mentor Karen Norris)

Tickets: $25