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Outreach and school programs

Our Outreach and school programs work with primary and high school students, teachers and parents, with the aim of enabling aspirations and awareness towards higher education, and providing students with the knowledge and skills to get there.

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UOW is a proud supporter of STEM Education

We are committed to collaborating with local schools and industry on STEM Education programs and encouraging future generations of Australians to combine their passions with STEM skills, so that no matter their particular leaning — as a humanitarian, environmentalist, artist or innovator — they are equipped with the tools and knowledge to create a better world.

Why are we here? 

Is it to find out how we begin to discover a totally new chapter in our story? 

Or is it to change the course of our planet by monitoring and predicting how carbon dioxide is transforming the earth? 

At the University of Wollongong when meeting the needs of an ever changing world. 

Your world. 

It's what we stand for. 

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) shapes our world. STEM professionals manage our food and water supplies, promote health and wellbeing, and develop global productivity and economic growth. 

STEM Education is not just about teaching these subjects, or ‘making things’, but about inspiring students to engage with STEM tools to creatively solve problems that will shape a better world. 

Through equipping yourself with a STEM Degree you are preparing for the future, 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills. To explore your interest in STEM subjects check out our upcoming camps, activities, competitions, and events for all ages K-12, and teachers too!



STEM Programs

At UOW there are opportunities for all students to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



During my final year at UOW I went on a 12-week internship at Facebook’s Menlo Park campus in California, USA. This all led to a full-time job offer! 
Sam Dunster Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing) 2014 Production Engineer, Facebook, California, USA

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