Rolling Mechanics

The Rolling Mechanics group of EMRS aims to carry out physical simulation and modelling techniques that simulate realistically plastic deformation and metallurgy in metal manufacturing processes, particularly in rolling process.

The group has unique facilities including a sophisticated Hille100 experimental rolling mill, flexible rolling mill, micro cross wedge rolling mill, ultra-thin strip rolling mill, asymmetrical rolling mill, innovative mini rolling rig, LABEC large capacity furnace, ultra fast cooling system, Gleeble 3500 thermo-mechanical simulator, atomic force microscopy, nanoindenter/nanoscratch, MFT-5000 multi-functional high temperature tribometer, friction and wear test rigs, 3D laser scanning microscope system, and Keyence VHX-1000 digital microscope.


  • Multiscale modelling of metal manufacturing
  • Study on product quality in metal rolling (surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, shape and flatness, and edge defects)
  • Optimisation of rolling process, advanced rolling technology of thin strip and development of ultrafine grain metal by accumulative roll bonding
  • Tribology (friction, lubrication and wear) and the contact mechanics of rolling
  • Study on metal micro manufacturing
  • Micromanufacturing of composites


Selected Recent Publications

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