Academic contacts

Course and Subject Advice

If you have any concerns or queries about your course or program please make sure you see your academic program director before making an appointment to see the head of students. Academic program directors can assist with all enquiries related to:

  • credit exemption
  • degree structures
  • transfers
  • provisional waivers
  • enrolment
  • course maps and
  • academic progress

Consultation via Webex

Webex is a videoconferencing platform that is available in Moodle, if your teacher has set their availability in office hours you can book time with them.

How to find your course or subject adviser

The easiest way to find your course/subject adviser is to use the EIS staff finder.

  1. Type in course name (e.g. Bachelor of Computer Science) and search or type in subject code (e.g. ENGG102) and search.
  2. Select the course or subject code (note that some courses have several coordinators so you can select any of them).
  3. Click on coordinator or lecturer/tutor name for contact details

Find an EIS contact

Head of Students

Study area Contact Email

Undergraduate Engineering 

Dr David Hastie 

Postgraduate Engineering programs 

Associate Professor Vinod Jayan Sylaja 

Undergraduate Computer Science/IT

Dr Fenghui Ren 

Postgraduate Computer Science/IT

Professor Jun Yan 

Undergraduate Maths and Physics

Associate Professor Caz Sandison 

*By appointment only

Heads of Postgraduate Studies (HPS)

Study area Contact Email

Mathematics and Applied Statistics           

Senior Lecturer Chayne Planiden


Associate Professor Moeava Tehei

Computing and Information Technology

Professor Hoa Dam

Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering

Associate Professor Neaz Sheikh 

Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications

Associate Professor Kwan-Wu Chin 
Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering  Associate Professor Buyung Kosasih 

*By appointment only