Year 6 Future Finder Program

The Year 6 Future Finder program aims to develop students’ future aspirations and expand their understanding of future careers and job possibilities.

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Things on offer in 2022

A unit of work that links to the NSW Curriculum, delivered by teachers to their classroom across seven lessons.

This unit of work, developed by trained primary school teaching staff, was designed to kick start positive career conversations with students in Year 6 to help them:

  • Envisage their future in a positive light
  • Develop their future aspirations based on multiple possibilities
  • Expand their understanding future careers and job possibilities

To access the lessons plans, sign up to receive the access link.

These visits are offered at no cost for Wollongong & Regional In2Uni sponsored schools. Eligible schools in our Batemans Bay, Bega and Southern Highlands regions will be contacted by our team to discuss their local campus options and schedule a visit (COVID permitting), in Term 4, 2022.

Our Wollongong and Shoalhaven In2Uni sponsored schools will be offered online resources, with the plan to return to on campus experiences in 2023.

The aim is start the process of demystifying high school and higher education and start a two-way dialogue with students about their own ambitions and aspirations for the future.