Year 2 Go Big Program

The Go Big! digital story series aims to capture the young imaginations of Year 2 students, enable the development of potential career aspirations, and introduce the notion of different higher education pathways available to them. The series was developed in collaboration with school teachers and the UOW Outreach and Pathways team, School of Education, and the Early Start team.

What does the program involve?

The Go Big program* is offered as a student’s first encounter with UOW’s Outreach programs with a view to supporting aspirations of those from underrepresented student populations to higher education. It currently contains a digital story series and a teacher handbook. The digital story series is linked with curriculum outcomes and aims to provide students with an opportunity for career discovery, to raise social capital, understand their personal values and foster authentic learning activities to enhance their knowledge of career pathways. A teacher handbook is also provided, that contains guided discussion prompts and in-class activities.

* Please note: this program previously involved an optional excursion to the Early Start Discovery Space and a NESA PD component. At this stage due to COVID-19 and changes in the NESA PD accreditation process, these are not being offered. We are looking to incorporate these components back into the Year 2 – Go Big program in the future.

Access the digital stories and teacher handbook

After filling in a short survey, you will be provided with the links to the digital stories and teacher handbook in PDF.

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