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Faculty Student Representatives

Student Representation

Faculties and campuses of the University of Wollongong encourage student participation in their operation and development. Each faculty and campus has procedures and structures in place to enable students to in issues such as workplace health and safety, research, flexible delivery matters, as well as teaching and learning related topics through Faculty Education Committees and School/Unit Committees.

Student representation at UOW


Business and Law Student Representatives


Mr Henry Streamer

Get in touch with Henry:

Henry is studying a Bachelor of Economics and Finance and a Bachelor of Law and is currently in his second year at University of Wollongong. Henry believes that every person has the potential to do greatness and is passionate for students to achieve this. He understands that every student is unique and will try to see from their perspective as to help solve problems and their ideas.

As an undergraduate representative, Henry is here to listen to any uni-related issues and concerns. He will act as as a link between undergraduate students and the business faculty. He will listen to every students issues as well as their ideas to help improve and foster a the best possible university experience for all undergraduate students.

Mr Theo Totsis

Get in touch with Theo:

Theo Totsis is a fourth year student studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Theo is extensively engaged across campus and particularly with the School of Law. He serves under multiple voluntary positions here at UOW and endeavours to assist all students to reconcile their concerns and provide feedback and ideas for improvement appropriately. Theo enjoys exercise, work, and the odd night out.


Mr David Havyatt

Get in touch with David:

David is in the second year part-time of a PhD at the University of Wollongong. His research is on economic regulation of electricity networks. David has a long business experience in telecommunications, regulation and policy.

From his earliest undergraduate days to today David has been a supporter of the independence of Universities, the importance of active student participation in governance and that the value of University is in developing skills applicable to all parts of life, not just as narrow job training grounds.

As postgraduate representative, David is keen to represent the interests, priorities and concerns of both coursework and research postgraduate students. This includes any aspect of the student experience, and extends beyond just teaching, learning and research to other areas such as any issues students have as visitors to the region or the country. He is always available for a chat.

Miss Bolortuya (Laura) Bassaikhan

Get in touch with Bolortuya:

Laura is studying a Master of Business degree specialising in Financial Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is a Peer Academic Coach, International Student Ambassador and Business International Peer Mentor at UOW.

Bolortuya Bassaikhan is also lawyer, young entrepreneur and renewable energy expert. She has been working to utilize Mongolia's vast wind and solar resources to decrease the country's reliance on imported fuel and electricity and develop large-scale renewable energy projects for export purpose. As her social responsibility, she runs charity work through her co-founded International Institute for Child Development and Education.

Ms Safiye Caferoglu

Get in touch with Safiye:

Safiye is a second year postgraduate student studying a Master of Business degree specialising in International Business and Marketing. She is a Peer Academic Coach (PAC)/International Student Ambassador (ISA) and an International Business Peer Mentor at the Sydney CBD Campus. By undertaking the Campus Representative role at the Sydney CBD Campus, Safiye aims to make time to listen to students, understand any issues they may have and discuss ideas for improvement to ensure students have the best University and student experience at the Sydney CBD Campus. Personally, she is a music enthusiast and is passionate about dancing, yoga and stretching. In her spare time, she enjoys participating dance classes from different disciplines and learning new things.