Ocean Law and Policy

Ocean law and policy underpins nearly all areas of the ANCORS research programme. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea lies at the heart of ocean law. ANCORS harbours one of the world’s largest concentrations of leading law of the sea researchers. Our experts work at the leading edge of global law of the sea developments, and at the vital interface between international law, domestic law, and policy. Our research delivers practical, up-to-date analysis and informs our advisory services to ocean law and policy developers and implementers in Australia, throughout the wider Indo-Pacific region, and globally.

Our ocean law and policy research expertise includes:

  • Law of the Sea
  • Maritime regulation
  • Maritime enforcement
  • Maritime crime prevention
  • Maritime limits and boundaries, and other technical aspects of the law of the sea


  • Public international law of shipping
  • International fisheries law
  • International marine environmental law
  • Maritime security law