Rosemary Allison Stanton

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy

Citation delivered by Professor Gerard Sutton, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wollongong on the occasion of the admission of Rosemary Allison Stantonto the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (honoris causa) on 27 July 2000.


Chancellor I present Rosemary Allison Stanton.

Rosemary Stanton is a scholar and researcher in the life sciences, one of the Australia’s leading nutritionists, a well-known writer and a television presenter. She has thus played a role in all fields represented at this diverse ceremony which celebrates the achievements of graduates in science, creative and performing arts and health sciences. Rosemary has set standards which we hope our other graduates today will seek to achieve. In the many facets of her career she has shown persistence, energy, and, above all, a deep commitment to the health and well-being of others.

Rosemary graduated from the University of Sydney in 1966 with a Bachelor of Sciences and subsequently received a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She worked as a NSW Government nutritionist and a nutrition advisor in the early part of her career. In 1981, she was awarded a Graduated Diploma in Social Administration from the University of Technology Sydney and studied Medical Statistics at Macquarie University. She has published a number of popular “classics” on health and food and has contributed to health and medical journals. Rosemary is a “sought after” speaker at seminars and conferences here and overseas. She has published over 3000 magazine articles and is, of course, well known for her radio and television presentations, all promoting good health and nutrition amongst the general public.

Rosemary Stanton is a member of numerous professional societies including the NSW Dietetic Association, the NSW institute of Deiticians, the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Medical Writers’ Association. She was the founding patron of the School Canteen Association and, since 1992, has been patron of the National Association for the Prevention of Cruelty and Neglect to Children. She also serves on the NSW Food Advisory Committee and the National Expert Advisory Committee on Alcohol. She is currently on the scientific Advisory Board for Preventative Medicine and Epidemiology at Boston University in the United States and is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of New South Wales. She lectures on the human nutrition to a number of groups including general practitioners, trainee and sport coaches.

Rosemary Stanton has been acknowledged by her peers and by her country. In 1998 she received the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to community health through education, nutrition and dietetics. Her colleagues in the health sciences applaud her for the way in which she has presented accurate, timely and insightful nutrition advice in such an accessible, engaging manner. She is the public face of nutrition in the country and she shows a high level of responsibility and care and a true zeal for improving the nutritional habits and thus the health of Australians.

This University has cause to be grateful to Rosemary Stanton in a special way. Although her schedule appears punishing to others, she has taken the time to sponsor and serve on the Board of our Key Centre for Smart Foods. The Centre aims to Provide Australia’s food industry with a unique set of resources to aid in the development of a better food supply in terms of health, consumer acceptance and value-adding to exports. Rosemary Stanton’s expertise and experience are invaluable to the Centre and its programs of nutrition-related research and education.

Chancellor, the University is proud to have attracted such a prominent health advocate to its team. Today we recognize the important contribution Rosemary Stanton has made to the health sciences and also the outstanding example she gives to the graduates and to all of us, of the power of persuasive and determined communication.

It is my great pleasure to present Rosemary Allison Stanton for the award of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa.