Anthology webinar series

The UOW anthology webinar series spotlights the passion projects, skills and expertise of our alumni community through a curated collection of knowledge, stories and conversations.

I don’t want no snobs: Art appreciation for everyone

Join artist, writer and curator Glenn Barkley as he shares some of his favourite artworks with us. Glenn is a big fan of Yolgnu artist Marrnyula Mununggurr, whose work can also be found within the UOW Art Collection.


From engineer to entrepreneur: Bec Pink

Founder of the Natural Gift Collective, UOW alumna, Bec Pink, shares how she transformed her side-hustle into a full-time business underpinned by a passion for sustainability, design, creativity and connection. 

Superstar of STEM: Dr Marian Wong

Marine biologist and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions at UOW, Dr Marian Wong shares how her research lab uses marine and freshwater fish to understand the evolution of conflict, cooperation, group-living and mating systems.


Borderless careers: with Matt Moffitt

Once described as a digital nomad, Matt talks through his journey towards a borderless career, the transformative experience of cultural immersion and navigating his own identity and values.


Diversity and inclusion evangelist: Lilian Kikuvi

UOW alumna, Lilian Kikuvi, speaks about her personal experience of being a woman of colour in Australia, prompting her to become an advocate for gender and cultural equality in corporate Australia.


Leading through challenging times: Adam Gilchrist

Universally acknowledged for his leadership and contribution to the Australian cricket team and game of cricket, Adam Gilchrist AM shares some insights about leadership, resilience and determination.



Champion of change: Carol Kiernan

UOW alumna Carol Kiernan has been instrumental in achieving equality for women in the Australian Honours by co-founding 'Honour a Woman'.