Policy directory


Date approved:

8 April 1994

Date Policy will take effect:

On approval

Date of Next Review:

January 2014

Approved by:

University Council

Custodian title & e-mail address:

Director, Library Services


Associate Librarian, Client Services

Responsible Faculty/

Division & Unit:

Client Services Division, University Library

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this policy:

Library Code of Conduct – Implementation Guidelines
Procedures for Managing Alleged General Misconduct by a Student

References & Legislation:

Student Conduct Rules
Campus Access and Order Rules


Public – accessible to anyone

Expiry Date of Policy:

Not applicable


1 Purpose of Policy

  • 1. The Library Code of Conduct applies to the conduct required of users of the University Library facilities and services. Users are required to respect and comply with the conditions necessary to provide an appropriate environment for study, research and professional assistance.
  • 2. The University Student Conduct Rules (available on the University Policy Directory) inform the Library’s Code of Conduct, its implementation and application.

2 Definitions


Definition (with examples if required)


Library’s physical and virtual environment


Physical and virtual Library

Primary investigation officer

Director, Library Services or nominee


Any person using the services and facilities provided by the Library

3 Application & Scope - Exclusions or Special Conditions (if any)

  • 1. The Code of Conduct extends beyond the physical Library environment to the virtual or online environment and should be read in conjunction with the University of Wollongong’s IT Acceptable Use Policy.

4 Conditions of the Code of Conduct

  • 1. All users have a right to access the services and facilities of the University Library without undue distraction or disturbance.
  • 2. Within the precincts of the University Library, no person shall act in a manner which interferes with the comfort or convenience of Library staff and other users.
  • 3. Under the University's Rules for Campus Access and Order, University Identification cards must be carried during attendance at the University and shown in response to any reasonable request from any member of staff who may require such identification in the course of their duties.
  • 4. It is a condition of entry into the University Library that all bags, folders or other receptacles capable of containing Library materials and their contents may be inspected by Library staff.
  • 5. In accordance with University policy, smoking is not permitted in the Library.
  • 6. No substance which is liable to cause damage to Library materials may be taken into the University Library; this includes food, drink items without lids, and flammable items.
  • 7. Users shall not deface or damage Library furnishings or fittings; actions that are liable to cause damage, e.g. placing feet on furniture are not permitted.
  • 8. Animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the visually and hearing impaired, are not permitted within the University Library.
  • 9. Talking is not permitted in reading areas: quiet conversation is allowed for the purpose of seeking assistance in the use of the catalogues or the collection. Quiet discussion is permitted in Group Study Rooms.
  • 10. The use of inappropriate language and behaviour is not acceptable and may result in the termination of assistance.
  • 11. Making and receiving phone calls on mobile phones is not permitted within study and reading areas in the Library.
  • 12. The reservation of seats in public reading areas is not permitted.
  • 13. Books and other articles left unattended in the Library for more than twenty minutes on chairs and tables may be removed by the Library staff. Articles left in these areas at closing time will be cleared away and sent to the Security Office lost property section. The University accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left in the building.
  • 14. Users are responsible for all Library materials borrowed in their name until such time as the items are returned to the Library and deleted from the loans register. Borrowers will be charged the cost of replacing any item which is not returned.
  • 15. No user shall deface, mutilate or destroy Library materials: in addition to any penalty that may be imposed for such conduct, the person concerned shall be liable to pay for the full cost of repair or replacement of damaged materials.
  • 16. Fines may be imposed for overdue loans. Details of fine rates and borrowing conditions are available on the web site and in the Library. Other penalties may be imposed for the late return of Library loaned material.
  • 17. Any person within the Library precincts from time to time will, for the purposes of these conditions, be deemed a "user".

5 Investigating Misconduct

  • 1. Any staff member of the University of Wollongong Library has delegated authority to require users to abide by the conditions of this Code of Conduct.
  • 2. Any Library user, whether or not a member of the University, shall produce identification on request from a member of Library staff. University identity number, barcode number, or email address may be requested for access to online resources and services.
  • 3. Failure to respect the conditions of this Code of Conduct will be referred to the Associate Librarian, Client Services and may lead to fines or immediate suspension of access to the Library and its services, including borrowing rights.
  • 4. Serious infringement of this Code of Conduct, causing damage to property, disruption of Library processes and interference with the rights of other users and staff, may be defined as an act of misconduct under the University's Student Conduct Rules and/or the Campus Access and Order Rules. The Director, Library Services (or nominee), as the Primary Investigating Officer, is authorised to take action and apply penalties, as specified in Student Conduct Rules and the Procedures for Managing Alleged General Misconduct by a Student.

6 Revision of Conditions

  • 1. The Vice Chancellor, on the advice of the Director, Library Services, may revise and update the conditions for the use of the University Library.

7 Publication of Code and Rules

  • 1. A copy of the Code of Conduct – Library is available from on the Library website. Extracts of the Code of Conduct – Library are displayed at the Wollongong Campus Library, Curriculum Resource Centre and Shoalhaven Campus Library.

8 Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1. Roles and responsibilities are as detailed in this code.

9 Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



8 April 1994

University Council

First Version.


8 October 2004

University Council

Consequential amendments following changes to the Rules for Student Conduct and Discipline.


7 March 2006

Administrative Committee

Minor amendments to the code.


6 May 2009

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Migrated to UOW Policy Template as per Policy Directory Refresh


9 March 2010

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Future review date identified in accordance with Standard on UOW Policy


31 January 2011

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Review by Policy Custodian.

No changes required and new review date set.


4 November 2013

Chief Administrative Officer

Updated to reflect title change from University Librarian to Director, Library Services.

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