Artwork by Brittney Angus, Wiradjuri and Ngunnawal woman UOW graduate

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Artwork by Brittney Angus, Wiradjuri and Ngunnawal woman

In recent years, the University of Wollongong has embarked on a journey of truth-telling, reflection, and reconciliation. In the wake of the 2023 Referendum, the UOW Indigenous Strategy and Engagement portfolio emerged with a refocused outlook. The focus shifted to recognition, education, anti-racism, as sadly the need to fix and repair damage caused to First Nations communities and individuals was glaringly quantifiable as the word ‘reconciliation’ felt profoundly empty for many staff, students, and community members.

About the Indigenous Education and Engagement Strategy

The approach adopted in the University of Wollongong’s Indigenous Education and Engagement Strategy (2024 – 2028) is to resurrect, reinvigorate and advance our partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, staff, and our broader community. The strategy binds together the key focus areas of relevant Institutional plans, strategies and the performance indicators which relate to Indigenous education and engagement within the University of Wollongong. The aims are to:

  • identify gaps and opportunities to innovate,
  • reconcile and coordinate efforts, and
  • provide holistic oversight of engagement efforts and key outcomes.

The priorities of this strategy provide the overarching framework which illuminates the University’s commitment to an accountable, transparent way forward to progress the outcomes for and with our Indigenous staff, students, communities, and partners.

Strategy Snapshot

This is a four-year strategy with eight strategic focus areas and subsequent strategic actions. The focus areas are: 

1. Cultural safety
2. Future student
3. Student success
4. Creating a conscious community
5. Embedding Indigenous Knowledges
6. Community engagement
7. Social impact
8. Indigenous workforce

Collective Journey: Weaving Indigenous Futures

Brittany smiling with her certificate for making the deans merit list

The artist: Brittney Angus, a respected Wiradjuri and Ngunnawal woman. 

About the artist

Brittney Angus, a respected Wiradjuri and Ngunnawal woman and distinguished UOW graduate holding a Bachelor of Communication and Media and a Bachelor of Commerce double degree is the Artist behind this wonderful piece, which encapsulates the essence of the Indigenous Education and Engagement Strategy, navigating the transformative path of students and celebrating the interconnectedness of community and education.

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About the artwork

At the centre of the artwork, is  a path symbolising the Indigenous student's academic journey at UOW, representing growth and learning.

Eight Meeting Place Circles, each are one of the strategy’s key focus areas. Within each Meeting Place Circle, five smaller circles representing the guiding principles. The Meeting Place Circles are adorned with symbols of people, representing the dedicated individuals from UOW’s Woolyungah Indigenous Centre and Indigenous Strategy Unit.

The collective symbol of people surrounding the University reflects the spirit of community enveloping UOW.

On the outskirts of the art, are totems and animal spirits. The animals stand as guardians, guiding and protecting students throughout their educational endeavours. 

Interspersed throughout the artwork are intricate dots, a visual homage to the 60,000 years of Indigenous ancestry.

Indigenous Education and Engagement artwork by Britany Angus Brittney Angus (2024) Collective Journey: Weaving Indigenous Futures, [Digital art], Indigenous Education & Engagement Strategy, University of Wollongong