Award recipients 2011

Award Recipients: 2011

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Service for General Staff

  • Mr Grahame Hynard — Accommodation Services
  • Mrs Vickie Giffen — Vice Chancellors Unit
  • Mrs Sandi Aylett — Research and Innovation Division
  • Ms Deborah Tetley — Human Resources Division
  • Strategic Planning & Quality Team - Lynn Woodley, Jan Sullivan, Dale Dumpleton, Tanya Barton-Saad — Strategic Planning & Quality

Marie Lewis Award

  • Miss Shibani Iyer Academic Registrar's Division

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Dr Lotte Latukefu Faculty of Creative Arts
  • Think Spatial Program’ Team Members - Dr Laurie Chisholm, Dr Marji Puotinen, Ms Heidi Brown Faculty of Science

Recipients of Faculty Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Journalism Team: Mr Shawn Burns and Ms Susan Angel — Faculty of Creative Arts
  • Dr Sarah O’Shea — Faculty of Education
  • First Year Maths Team – Dr Caz Sandison, Dr Maureen Edwards, Dr Grant Cox (deceased), Dr Aidan Sims, Dr James McCoy — Faculty of Informatics
  • ‘Phase 1 Team’ Team Members - Dr Kylie Mansfield, Prof John Bushnell, Prof Peter McLennan, Prof Noel Tait, Prof Wilfred Yeo, A/Prof Ulrich Bommer, Dr Judy Mullan, Dr Theresa Larkin, Dr Darryl McAndrew, Dr Teresa Treweek, Dr Kathryn Weston, Dr Warren Rich, A/Prof Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Dr Jennifer Asquith, Dr Ian Hoult, Dr Kate Manderson, Dr Alexander Petersen, Dr Helen Maloof, Dr Sal Sanzone, Prof Nicky Hudson, Dr Helen Rienits, Ms Susan Vella, Mrs Kathryn Rhodes, Dr Lisa Brown, Ms Elfi Ashcroft, Mr Grigorijs Teuss, Mrs Jenny Tompson, Ms Isabelle Potter, Mrs Judith Hayes, Dr Francis Antonio, A/Prof John Fardy, Dr Russell Pearson, Ms Helen Simpson, Mrs Cassandra Healey, Mrs Jenny Deura, Mrs Leanne Betts, Dr Coralie Wilson, Dr Susan Thomas, Ms Jodie Douglas, Dr Gregg Rowland, Ms Sarah Perez, Mrs Sue-Ellen Howard, Dr Alistair Lethbridge, Ms Linda Corrin, Miss Kate Schreiber — Graduate School of Medicine
  • UOW Indigenous Geographies Program’ Team Members - Dr Michael Adams, Aunty Julie Freeman, Russell Couch, Dr Martin Fortescue, Vanessa Cavanagh, Uncle Max Harrison — Academic Services Division

Early Career Academic Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Dr David Hastie — Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Early Career Academic Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Dr Michael Flood — Faculty of Arts
  • Mrs Karina Murray — Faculty of Law
  • Dr Tracey Kuit — Faculty of Science
  • Mrs Jenny Sim — Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • Dr Christine Howe — Faculty of Creative Arts
  • Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey — Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

Sessional Tutor/Demonstrator Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Mrs Nadeesha Dharmasiri Keembiye Liyana Gamage — Faculty of Engineering
  • Ms Hannah Solomons — ITC – Illawarra Technology Corporation

General Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

  • Mr Sasha Nikolic — Faculty of Informatics

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence for Senior Researchers

  • Professor Sara Dolnicar — Faculty of Commerce

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence for Emerging Researchers

  • Dr Justin Yerbury — Faculty of Science

Highly Commended

  • Dr Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn — Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr Richard Menary — Faculty of Arts

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research Supervision

  • Associate Professor Jenny Beck — Faculty of Science

Highly Commended

  • Associate Professor Stephen Blanksby — Faculty of Science
  • Professor Jan Wright — Faculty of Education

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Research Partnerships

  • Emeritus Professor Vic Gosbell and Associate Professor Sarath Perera (School of Electrical, Computer & Telecom Engineering (SECTE), Faculty of Informatics).Industry Partner: Endeavour Energy
  • Research Project: “The Endeavour Energy Power Quality and Reliability Centre”.

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

  • Professor Sandra Jones Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • Dr Lisa Kervin Faulty of Education

Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

Individual Category

  • Dr Montse Ros — Faculty of Informatics

Team Category

  • Ms Alison Hemsley and the International House Team — Accommodation Services

25 Years Service Awards

  • A/Prof Ernest Baafi — Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr Janice Turbill — Faculty of Education
  • Prof Gordon Wallace — Faculty of Science
  • Prof Joe Chicharo — Vice Chancellor’s Unit
  • A/Prof Rodney Vickers — Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof Beverly Derewianka — Faculty of Education
  • Prof Warwick Funnell — Faculty of Commerce
  • Prof Brian Martin — Faculty of Arts
  • A/Prof Helen Hasan — Faculty of Commerce
  • A/Prof Diana Kelly — Faculty of Arts
  • Dr Margaret Wallace — Academic Services Division
  • Ms Nadia Verrucci — Faculty of Commerce
  • A/Prof Christopher Fergusson — Faculty of Science
  • A/Prof Damien Considine — Faculty of Law
  • Prof David Griffith — Faculty of Science
  • Mr Peter Gray — ITS - Information Technology Services
  • Mrs Joy Williams — Faculty of Science
  • Mr Joe Abbott — Faculty of Engineering
  • Mrs Moira Ruotolo — ITS - Information Technology Services
  • Mr David Wilson — Faculty of Informatics
  • Mrs Sandra Ragnoli — Academic Registrar's Division
  • Mrs Terry Campani — Financial Services
  • Ms Jan James — Graduate School of Medicine
  • Ms Joanne George — Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Mr Stephen Cooper — Faculty of Science
  • Mrs Teresa Crosland — Faculty of Arts