Blended Learning Enhancement Initiative

UOW is introducing a Blended Learning Enhancement Initiative that seeks to support the uplift of digital learning and teaching across UOW. This initiative will build on the momentum of current good digital learning and teaching practices at UOW and cultivate the culture and strategic direction needed to drive digital transformation.

The initiative is core to developing a shared vision for blended learning at UOW and supporting the realisation of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan’s transformative priority of Digitalisation and Goal 1 Empowering students for their future.  

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Theo Farrell states:

“The Blended Learning Enhancement Initiative seeks to provide staff with the tools and the resources to significantly improve our online learning environments and our digital teaching practices. It is built on consultation with staff and students. It incorporates student-centred pedagogies. It supports and encourages staff reflection, and, crucially, it will build more resilience into how we deliver our teaching at UOW.”

Professor Farrell assures the initiative “is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will be imposed upon staff” but rather “it’s sensitive to the nuanced contextual environments in which learning and teaching takes place across the disciplines,” stating the approach is “very much one of consultation and collaboration with faculties” and seeks to “inspire academic staff and empower schools to make strategic choices around the development of blended learning in their courses”.

Professor Farrell talks more about what we can expect from the upcoming initiative in this video:

A message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

The Blended Learning Enhancement Initiative commences this month with the formation of the Blended Learning Advisory Group that includes membership of staff and student representatives from all faculties.

“This advisory group will work with Learning, Teaching & Curriculum to evolve the Blended Learning Enhancement Initiative as it progresses over the next 18 months to support the enhancement of digital learning” -  Professor Farrell.

In the coming months, the initiative will launch a range of new support models, resources, tools and programs that promote reflective practice and the purposeful design of online learning environments and digital teaching and learning experiences.


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