Accelerated Incremental Progression

1. General

1.1 Accelerated progression is a mechanism which can recognise academic or general staff who make a sustained contribution to a Unit's objectives at a higher standard than their current step within a level recognises.

1.2 The purpose of this document is to outline the criteria and procedures for the granting of accelerated incremental progression.

1.3 Requests for accelerated incremental progression shall only be granted in circumstances where an exceptional level of attainment and sustained contribution can be clearly demonstrated, and will normally be limited to the granting of one additional increment.

1.4 Accelerated incremental progression is a one off consideration. If 12 months later the Head of Unit believes the staff member warrants further accelerated progression and this is supported by the Dean/Director or equivalent, another recommendation will be required. This recommendation would be independent of the original recommendation.

1.5 This system of accelerated progression is available for all staff up to and including Level 8/9 for general staff and Level D for academic staff. A general staff member however, may not progress beyond a competency bar within a broad banded level without also meeting the University's criteria and procedures for competency based progression.

1.6 The accelerated incremental progression is funded by the relevant Faculty or Division. There is no limit on the number of staff members within a Faculty or Division who may be granted accelerated progression. However, the Dean/Director or equivalent may decide to limit the numbers of staff recommended for progression within their individual Faculty or Division.


2. Progression Criteria

2.1 Requests will only be considered on the basis of individual merit. They will not be approved on the basis of removing inconsistencies between staff members within a unit or across a Faculty or Division. Appointment of new staff to a step within the advertised level should take into consideration previous directly related experience and relativities within a unit or across the Faculty or Division at the time of appointment.

2.2 The criteria for accelerated incremental progression requires a clear demonstration of achievement beyond those prescribed for normal incremental progression. The following additional criteria apply:

2.2.1 attainment of skills/knowledge required in the position achieved at an accelerated pace (general staff only);

2.2.2 exceptional and sustained overall performance of duties, (this is separate from the Vice-Chancellor's Awards Schemes, which normally recognises a particular outstanding achievement or success);

2.2.3 demonstrated contribution to the Faculty or Division at a considerably higher standard than would be expected of a staff member of the same level and step.

2.3 In order for requests for accelerated progression to be approved, the staff member must have been involved in the respective annual development review processes during the year and clearly demonstrate outstanding achievement in line with the objectives set.


3. Procedures

3.1 A request for accelerated progression shall take the form of a written submission from the Head of Unit, and will be submitted through the Dean/ Director or equivalent to the Director, Personnel Services.

3.2 Requests for accelerated incremental progression would normally only be made at the time the staff member is eligible to be considered for incremental progression.

3.3 Individual staff members may not make a personal request to Personnel Services for accelerated progression.

3.4 The request shall set out a case for accelerated progression which specifically includes details and examples demonstrating the basis for the request against the progression criteria as outlined in Clause 2 and include supporting documentation from the staff member's annual development review.

3.5 The Dean/Director or equivalent must provide comments on the request.

3.6 Requests will not be considered without the support of the Dean/Director or equivalent.

3.7 The request will then be forwarded to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Operations) in respect of academic staff and the Vice-Principal (Administration) in respect of general staff, who will consider the request against the progression criteria and any other information deemed relevant. Further information may also be requested from the Head of Unit or Dean/Director.

3.8 Each progression will only be approved on the basis of performance during the preceding 12 months, and progression can only be within the level of appointment.

3.9 The decision of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Operations) or Vice Principal (Administration) shall be final. There is no right of appeal. However, the Dean/Director or equivalent may seek reasons for the decision.