Enterprise bargaining

An enterprise agreement is a legal document that is negotiated collectively between an employer and employee representatives. It sets out the pay and conditions of employment for those staff whose roles fall under the agreement.

Enterprise agreements cover a range of topics related to your employment. This includes your pay and conditions of employment, like leave entitlements, dispute resolution, staff consultation, performance and much more.

Enterprise agreements apply to all eligible staff, regardless of whether they are a union member or not.

The University is committed to bargaining in good faith for the benefit of staff and the University’s sustainability into the long-term.

Latest updates

To keep you informed of all Enterprise Bargaining developments, updates will be published each fortnight:

UOW Enterprise Bargaining updates (Staff access only)

  • The first Enterprise Bargaining meeting occurred on 18 July 2022.
  • We are currently in the process of discussing a change of structure for bargaining in 2023 – i.e. combined meetings between professional and academic groups to discuss ‘common clauses.’ This will reduce unnecessary repetition of discussion on the same clauses within each respective stream.
  • The University engages key working groups or stakeholders across the University for feedback where relevant issues are raised, such as the Woolyungah Indigenous Centre for issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, or the UOW Pride Network (formerly known as Ally Network) for issues relating to LGBTQI+ staff.

Professional Bargaining representatives

  • Jancey Malins
  • Nathan Wright
  • Michael Doran
  • Jacqui O’Leary
  • Katrina Gamble (reserve)
  • Mark Roberts (reserve)

Academic Bargaining representatives

  • Sue Bennett
  • Colin Picker
  • Vera Babicheva
  • Michael Doran
  • Alicia McManus
  • Jacqui O’Leary
  • Eileen McLaughlin (reserve)
  • Sean Brawley (reserve)

Enterprise Bargaining at UOW

A brief explainer about enterprise bargaining and how the process works for staff at UOW.

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