Global outlook

We will leverage our global outlook to differentiate our impact and transform our learning experience.

We have long recognised our potential as a global university and our ability to deliver a transformative impact. We are a well-respected university with a growing international footprint and deep roots in diverse and vibrant communities around the world. Our alumni live and work all over the world creating positive change. Along with our research strengths we have harnessed the opportunities created by our international partnerships to address complex challenges.

As we move to the future, we understand our responsibility as global citizens and the enormous scope of positive change that is possible as we address the local and global challenges of today and tomorrow. We will continue to focus on transdisciplinary teaching and research that harnesses the collective ideas, innovations and strengths of our global network and we will embrace the changing landscape of learning for life to ensure our students and alumni continue to have access to a personalised supportive learning environment wherever they are in the world.

Our global outlook starts with our people. Our graduates will be global changemakers characterised by a T-shaped capability profile, reflecting their deep disciplinary knowledge and strong global collaboration skills. We will deliver a global learning experience that embeds and assesses a combination of broad multidisciplinary and in-depth disciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge. We will articulate contemporary learning outcomes including; cognitive skills such as digital literacy, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, thought leadership, as well as collaborative social skills including influencing, networking and teamwork. Our graduates will have the dedication and resilience needed to succeed in the dynamic and challenging world of tomorrow.

Our research will be global and impactful, addressing the economic, social, and environmental challenges facing humanity. We will build on the success of our Global Challenges Program, to leverage our global talent, capacity and partnerships in a coordinated strategy across all our locations. We will encourage and facilitate academic mobility between locations and disciplines to exchange knowledge and work on joint transdisciplinary research projects.

We will be a lifelong learning partner to our students and alumni as they seek to develop themselves and create positive change within their communities. As their partner, we will provide them with real-world learning experiences and co-curricular activities that are highly personalised and flexible.

These initiatives will translate our global outlook:

Global Research Hubs

In collaboration with our partners, we will establish research hubs across our campus footprint to address global challenges through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

Global Graduates

Our graduates will have T-Shaped characteristics with deep disciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge combined with broad global citizenship skills including critical and creative thinking, thought leadership and purposeful collaboration.

Global Learning Experience

We will recreate our learning environment to be truly global, delivering a distinctive UOW experience across all our locations to foster knowledge exchange and provide our students with mobility opportunities to enrich their experiences and build lifelong networks.