Change that matters

We will pursue and create change that matters.

As a leading university, we have created a world-class learning environment, prepared globally-recognised graduates, and harnessed our research and broader capabilities to create purposeful initiatives. We are a university that pursues and creates change that matters. Our social and economic impact is recognised across the globe. Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy, being realised in our state-of-the-art intoHealth hub and precinct, is the validation of our transformative capability.

Our world is experiencing a change that is unprecedented both in its rate and scale. Technological breakthroughs are redefining how we live and collaborate, demographic changes are reshaping our societies, the rise of the individual and the increasing collective power of citizens are challenging existing establishments, and seismic shifts in political and economic power are creating a new world order. This change presents unique opportunities and, as a leading university, we will embrace these opportunities with agility and be at the forefront of positive change, ensuring our relevance and sustainability.

The ongoing transformation of our curriculum, designed to meet the changing needs of industry and our communities, will assure our industry-ready graduates. We will boldly tackle the social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time by focusing on purposeful initiatives and innovations. We will work collaboratively to embrace and drive change to maintain an environment that builds on our financial sustainability, creating and using transformational approaches to improve the agility of our learning, research and work environments.

We will continuously transform our curriculum to address the needs of our communities through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking and action. Our curriculum will address real-world needs and problems and enable students to learn in industry-based or simulation settings. It will combine a variety of experiential learning techniques such as work-integrated learning, student ideation hubs, and active learning classes with inbuilt augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), co-developed with our industry partners. We will provide project-based learning opportunities for our learners. Our learning environment will strengthen our students’ connection with their local and global communities instilling a desire to serve those same communities and deliver a positive impact early in their careers.

We will work collaboratively with our communities and industry partners to embrace broader change through purposeful initiatives and innovation. Our research to tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges is underpinned by our constantly evolving ethical framework.

These initiatives will translate how we will pursue and create change that matters:

Translation Precincts

We will continue to establish state-of-the-art research translation precincts to address social, economic, and environmental issues. The precincts will harness our research and partnerships to provide relevant services to our communities.

Responsive Course Portfolio

We will offer a robust yet flexible curriculum that meets the continuously changing needs of industry and our communities. It will include micro-credentials, short courses, niche industry courses, and courses integrated with in-career learning to benefit our students, alumni and the broader learner community.

Student-Industry Collaboration

Our students will closely collaborate with industry over the course of their studies. We will establish dedicated hubs where they can validate and grow their ideas and apply them in a real-world context, in collaboration with our industry partners and with the support of UOW resources and staff.