Patricia Davidson and students standing outside the UOW Hub

Message to students

Message to students

Dear students, welcome to Spring Session O-week. To those of you beginning with us this session, a very warm and special welcome. My name is Trish Davidson, and I am Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Wollongong (UOW).

This is a fantastic opportunity to start making new connections and getting to know your way around campus. I am very much looking forward to meeting you at some stage on your UOW journey.

For those of you who are back from or still enjoying your mid-year recess, I hope you’ve managed to treat yourself to a well-earned break and found some fun things to do with your time.

Earlier in the week I had the great pleasure of attending the with our UOW Student Ambassadors. Please check it out! It’s the place to be for everything you need to know about UOW, as well as a place to stay connected, employable and enjoy the wonderful UOW student environment.

With session starting next week, you might find you have questions about a range of topics including enrolment, fees, accommodation, support services and more. If you haven't already, I recommend you take a look at which will instantly give you the answers to commonly asked questions, and it's available 24/7.

You may have noticed our friends at UOW Pulse around campus, providing a range of fantastic student engagement activities that make uni-life so special, including music, sport, clubs and societies and a whole lot more. Their Facebook page is full of events ready and waiting for you to attend. For instance, tonight I believe there is a fun-filled Trivia session on at Unibar. You’ll see a lot more of UOW Pulse around, and a big congratulations to their team who have recently won multiple awards for their expertise and effort in creating a fun and inclusive student life!

On 6 August, UOW will be hosting its annual for those interested in finding out more about our University. Many of you may have attended this event during your own HSC, and for Year 12 students it’s always an exciting and eye-opening day. If you know any school-leavers who might be interested in attending, please invite them along!

A few initiatives and opportunities I wanted to share with students this week:

  • Donate blood if you are able. This is obviously an important one to me as a Nurse. Australia’s blood reserves are very low and every blood donation has the potential to save three lives.
  • Join the fight against racism. The Australian Human Rights Commission has just launched a new iteration of the It Stops With Me campaign, calling on Australians who do not have lived experience of racism to do more to challenge it. Anti-racism means more than being ‘not racist’. It’s about actively committing to action against racism wherever it occurs and standing shoulder to shoulder with those advocating for justice. Attend events and lectures, read books and articles to make yourself more informed. But most importantly, make a stand when you see racism and inequality play out.
  • Volunteer within the UOW and local community. From tree planting days, to helping your fellow students reach their full potential, Volunteering with UOW Pulse is a really great way to get involved with your community, meet new people, and do some good all at once.

Finally, as we enter a new session on campus, please remember to wear a mask inside where possible and stay home if you are unwell with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms. Viruses are rife in the community this winter and many people are still very vulnerable. We must do what we can to lower the spread.  Also, make sure your vaccination schedule is up to date.

Enjoy the remainder of your week!

My best,