Student Initiated Projects (SIPs)

  • 28th Feb 2019 - 2nd Mar 2019 to (Everyday)
  • Wollongong
    Performance Space 25.168

Miscellany – Directed by Charmaine Sharp

Created in collaboration with cast: Arthur Gallagher, Billee Harris, Olivia Harris, Leah Herbert, Noah Thomas, Kevin Tran, and Nick Vagne.

Miscellany is a satirical, devised work exploring the turbulent nature of politics in Australia through a fictional government department called The Department of Miscellany. The cast has devised characters to represent people that you could believe would work in a government department. This work uses mockumentary film techniques to create the experience of both live theatre and television. The creation is based around the practice of Yat Malmgren and explores Near and Mobile characters to employ bold character decisions. This piece questions why we let governments get away with so much and what can we do to change that.

Waves – Directed by Lillian Gerlach

Created in collaboration with cast: Naoise Champion, Jess Henley-Sadgrove, , Hannah Ivery, Lauren Taylor, Sophie Ward and Bella Witcher. 
Script collaboration with: Karolina Ristevski

Waves is a script-based work that explores the female experience of grief, especially from the point of view of being a young woman in western society. We often experience people not showing their grief, and women are often expected to take care of others, instead of expressing things like anger, pain, rage, and grief. With personal stories from each of the cast weaved into the story of Eleanor, a girl who loses her little brother, we explore what grief is, how we feel it and how to stage it.

King of Men – Directed by Max Tassell
Created in collaboration with cast: Tim Beattie and Cara Severino.

King Of Men is a devised piece that explores how domestic violence and the subjugation of women appears in our everyday lives. The intent of the show is to find the link between quiet, intimate moments and the sweeping effects of sexism on partnerships. Ultimately, we have made this to ask more of the audience, to challenge what they know about the men in their lives, and what they are willing to allow. The show drew on many sources in the devising process, to amalgamate a viscous portrait of sexism. By the end of it, you should feel like a voyeur.

SIP or Student Initiated Projects offers undergraduate Theatre and Performance students the chance to direct, create and produce their own performances. The SIP process simulates the industry model of creating work beginning with competitive expressions of interest and letters of agreement, creation, rehearsal and production responsibilities, and developing PR collateral.

Contusion students have worked over the summer break and will present these original works during O-Week of Autumn session 2019.

SIPs Supervisor: Janys Hayes
Stage Manager: Jeremy Ainsworth, Kaylee Ashton, Bethany Tramontano
Production Manager: Thomas Doyle, Jaime Petersen.
Lighting Design: Thomas Doyle
Sound Design: James McShane

Dates: Thursday 28 February – Saturday 2 March 2019, 7pm nightly
Location: Performance Space 25.168, University of Wollongong

Tickets: Adult $15, Concession $12, TAEM students $8

Warnings: Coarse language, sexual themes and discussion, loud noises, flashing lights and mild violence