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SIPpery When Wet artwork

SIPpery When Wet

  • 22nd Feb 2018 - 24th Feb 2018 to (Everyday)
  • Wollongong
    Performance Space, 25.168

Heterogenous – directed by Conor Teevan
Created in collaboration with cast: Justin McCormick, Sophie Napier, Isaac Real

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught.” – Oscar Wilde

The idea for this show came to me while I was wearing a turtle neck, sipping a fine Shiraz, staring out the window on a rainy day (so you know it’s artsy). There isn’t a schooling system in the world that teaches dance to kids each day the same way we teach maths. Why is that? As we all have bodies, why aren’t we ‘educating’ them? It was shown in a longitudinal study on divergent thinking that kindergarteners are better divergent thinkers than adults and therefore more creative. This suggests that through our schooling, we are educated out of our creativity. Heterogeneous poses the question “what if we had the creativity of a kindergartener?” We all have the capability; we were all kids at some point. All we need to do is get out of our heads and dance every day.

No Laughing Matter – written and directed by Nick Vagne
Cast: Lana Filies, Claire Gilmour, Michael Ho, Hannah Ivery, Jessica Melchert

It’s a comedy… What more needs to be said? *insert well thought out joke here* No Laughing Matter aims to make you laugh and maybe even laugh harder, served with a little thought provoking sauce on the side. In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults suffer depression, and over 2 million experience anxiety. This piece examines stereotypical assumptions concerning mental health, while attempting to deliver clarity on the subject using comedy and experimentation with the audience-performer relationship. So. It’s going to get artsy… and a little silly. It is a comedy after all.

As Above, So Below – written and directed by Rikiah Lizarraga
Cast: Meagan Collar, Ingrid Leighton, Max Tassell

As Above So Below is a collection of monologues and scenes inspired by the nine layers of Hell as depicted in Dante’s Inferno. Limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, heresy, violence, fraud, and betrayal are re-contextualised to represent student living and the “hells” we face each day as young adults establishing our independence. As Above So Below includes verbatim stories and dialogue collected from students and is an honest representation of the financial, social, and personal struggles we all face as we forge our own voices and experiences of adulthood. This dark, funny, and touching theatrical experience will bring you laughter and catharsis as we embrace these struggles together.

Killing the Business – written and directed by Glyn Megarrity
Cast: Connor Anderson, Tim Beattie, Harrison Bishop, Lillian Gerlach and Melanie Parker

At this point in the program you’re expecting to read something insightful about this performance. You may think ‘that’s not hard, anyone can read’, well you’d be shocked to know that the world’s illiteracy rate is nearly 15% so maybe next time you won’t be so inconsiderate you jerk. You’re probably thinking, ‘this program is being rather judgmental’ well frankly, someone has to bring these horrendous flaws to your attention, like when was the last time you called your mother? Don’t you know she worries about you? Or are you too self-absorbed to care about anyone other than yourself? After reading this you may wish to have stern words with me, however that would only further highlight your ignorance as these are merely words on paper and therefore you cannot have a conversation with it. You never cease to disappoint me. Enjoy the show!

SIP or Student Initiated Projects offers undergraduate Theatre and Performance students the chance to direct, create and produce their own performances. The SIP process simulates the industry model of creating work beginning with competitive expressions of interest and letters of agreement, creation, rehearsal and production responsibilities, and developing PR collateral.

SIPpery When Wet students have worked over the summer break and will present these original works during O-Week of Autumn session 2018.

SIP Supervisor: Janys Hayes
Producer: Lily Hayman
Production Manager: Tyler Fitzpatrick
Lighting Design/Operator: Meaghan Barton
Sound Design/Operator: Briony Farquhar

Thursday 22 – Saturday 24 February @ 8pm 
Performance Space, 25.168
School of the Arts, English and Media, UOW

Tickets: $15 Full | $12 Conc./Alumni | $8 TAEM students

Warnings: offensive language, haze, adult themes, bright and strobing lights