Bunker artwork


  • 1st Nov 2018 - 3rd Nov 2018 to (Everyday)
  • Shopfront Arts Co-Op, 88 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218

Director: Matt Prest
Featuring 3rd Year Bachelor of Performance Students:
 Marissa Agyris, Mina Bradshaw, Maddie Harley, Rikiah Lizarraga, Vanessa Mitchell, Monica Mulveney, Jye Perkins, Jules Pisana, Isaac Real and Conor Teevan

The ‘Theatre of All Possibilities’ emerged from the late 1960s San Francisco psychedelic scene. They evolved from theatre into a pseudo-scientific group best known for the Biosphere 2 experiment in the early 1990s. Biosphere 2 was a fully self-contained biosphere in the Arizona desert, in which 8 people from the group were to live for 2 years. While a legitimate scientific experiment in how humans might recreate Earth’s conditions on another planet, the group’s approach was ‘performative’, which each member of the group taking responsibility for researching their different roles.

Echoing this ‘performance’, BUNKER plays like a game of dress ups, in which the 10 performers each assume the role of an expert, chosen to take humanity through a looming apocalyptic event. Knowledge is thin and the equipment is fake, as petty drama begins to playout more like a B-grade reality TV show.

BUNKER takes this premise as a starting point and expands into the far reaches of human absurdity, imagining a post-human experience.
Directed by Matt Prest and devised with 3rd Year Bachelor of Performance students, BUNKER comes out of an intuitive and physical process of improvisation, drawing on sources such as Biosphere 2, ‘DOOMSDAY PREPPERS’, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY’, Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘SAPIENS’ and a plethora of apocalypse-themed Hollywood blockbusters.

MATT PREST works across theatre, performance and live art, making both solo and collaborative work, as a performer, director and devisor. He holds a BFA in Sculpture, Performance and Installation, from COFA, UNSW and has trained at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Paris. Matt has been a lead artist in the cross-disciplinary performance works: THE TENT (2008 - 2010); HOLE IN THE WALL with Clare Britton (2010); WHELPING BOX with Branch Nebula and Clare Britton (2012-14); RUNNING UP A SKYSCRAPER (2015); and THE QUEEN ST RUN (2016). His work has been recognised with a Helpmann Award for Best Visual or Physical Theatre (2014), Green Room Awards for Best Production Design (2010) and Best Contemporary Performance (2014), and a Creative Australia Fellowship from the Australia Council (2012). He was artist-in-residence at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in New York, 2016, and is currently developing a new devised performance called DREAM SHAKE for 5 performers to premiere in 2019.

Warnings: Adult themes, haze, depictions of violence, coarse language

Stage Managers: Tyler Fitzpatrick and Sam Read
Production Manager: Frankie Clarke
Lighting design: Sam Read (mentor: Karen Norris)

1 - 3 November 2018, 8pm nightly
Shopfront Arts Co-Op,
88 Carlton Parade, Carlton NSW 2218
$23, $16 conc., $12 TAEM students