BCA Honours - Visual Arts Exhibitions

  • 31st Oct 2018 - 6th Nov 2018 to (Everyday)
  • Wollongong
    TAEM Gallery, Building 25,

Opening reception: Friday 2 November, 12:30pm
Exhibition dates: 31 October - 6 November, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Location: TAEM Gallery, Building 25, University of Wollongong 

Free entry, all welcome

If I Lay with You
Siobhan Back

In IF I LAY WITH YOU, Siobhan Back brings together felted forms to construct a disquieting space that arises out of personal encounters with death, grief and loss. Through these works Back negotiates the emotional dimension of complex issues related to the far-reaching impact of premature mortality on friends and peers. She considers how the effect of a potentially preventable death and incomplete bereavement can be addressed through the material qualities and labour intensive process of felting. IF I LAY WITH YOU is underpinned by interconnected methodological approaches including ‘material thinking’, ‘materialising practices’ and ‘material productivity’. It draws on a culmination of artistic approaches including Joseph Beuys’s and Magdalena Abakanowicz’s emotionally charged material and process orientated strategies for indicating recovery-focused transformation following traumatic events.

For Back, the graphite-coloured and texture rich soft forms sit at the intersection of abstraction and figuration, becoming synonymous with an absent body. In this context, the form acts less as an object and more like a materialisation of the body through its absence in daily life whether departed, missed or buried. Spanning the gallery; draped across the ceiling, walls and the floor, these forms probe the boundaries between the seen and the unseen, and between loss and recovery. In IF I LAY WITH YOU, absence becomes presence to reveal an occupied unsettling terrain suggestive of the inseparability of life and death.

Siobhan Back is an emerging artist, whose work highlights the expressive and imaginative possibilities of felt. Her current project builds on her BCA (Visual Arts) studio research involving textile artworks and installations to capture the un-representability of disturbing and unsettling experiences through sculptural felt forms.


Bury Your Gays
Lucy Donovan

In BURY YOUR GAYS, Lucy Donovan undertakes a large-scale drawing project that explores how the broad spectrum of LGBTQ+ identity is written and presented within serial television programs. Additionally, Donovan’s work interrogates the concept that the presentation of LGBTQ+ characters often follows a reoccurring narrative pattern or ‘trope’; that often sees Queer female characters meeting a violent, gruesome or untimely death. This trope has come to be known as the ‘Bury Your Gays’ phenomenon.

Donovan’s approach to this project was to identify the final 162 scenes of Queer female characters in well-known television series. Taking or acquiring a freeze-frame at the moment of death, violence, trauma or loss, Donovan has meticulously re-drawn and catalogued all 162 stills as ballpoint pen drawings on paper. Each drawing measures 4x6 inches, the exact size of a standard index card. In the drawings the focus on each character’s final moments is paramount. All other visual clues of time, place and origin have been removed, leaving the character surrounded only by the whiteness of the paper, in order to increase the sense of trauma and loss. Accompanying the drawings is a box of 162 handwritten index cards that catalogue each drawing, allowing the viewer to identify and place each scene within its original context.

Lucy Donovan is an artist who identifies as a LGBTQ+ female. She believes that the notion of a broad pre-determined outcome, most often death, for Queer Females in fictive television is outrageous. She hopes that her exploration of the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope through her drawing practice offers further context for analysis and reflection, not only for herself, but also for a broader audience.