My journey through UOWx

The move to online learning after Covid-19 hit was a huge change. But it was a change that made me want to be more involved with university and the programs that were on offer. It was at this point I decided to look into UOWx.

Everything you need to know about UOWx

UOWx is an amazing program designed to encourage and support students to get more involved with the co-curricular activities offered at UOW.

Uniqueness within a 10km radius

How the COVID-19 lockdown transformed Australian front yards into a much-needed refuge of life and colour.

Sick of seeing news about COVID-19? There’s a reason for that.

Case numbers are rising, and we are finally seeing the end of daily press conferences. Eighteen months into the pandemic, you might be suffering from news fatigue.

Take a walk on the wild side to avoid COVID blues

Bob Dylan sang “The times are a changin’,” but I don’t think Bob had COVID in mind.

What makes a good app for kids?

The concept of 'screen time' has been debated and researched, with valid concerns around the impact on children's posture, muscular development and body weight, as well as eyesight and attention span.

Dear Year 12 Me

It feels like decades ago my 18-year-old self was in the position so many others find themselves, at the end of their high school chapter, preparing for the most exciting one: university.

The art of cloud watching

Having your head in the clouds may be just the thing that gets you through another COVID day.

Most Instagrammable Spots in the Illawarra

Here’s my list of gems in the Illawarra that are worthy of your Insta grid.