Everything you need to know about UOWx

What is UOWx and how it can boost your resume.

This formally recognises the non-academic achievements of students and is a great way to spice up your resume. It provides students with unique experiences which help develop those transferrable soft skills that employers love so much.  

The UOWx Record 

Once a student completes the minimum requirements for an activity, it will be added to their UOWx Record. This is a document that tracks every co-curricular activity a student completes, along with the number of hours devoted to said activity, a brief description of the tasks involved, and a list of the soft skills developed from participating in the activity. There are a variety of different activities. Some require regular time commitments and others are once-off or can be made flexible to fit your schedule.  Some of them even pay you like a casual job. This record is given to you when you graduate, but you can download updated copies from the Moodle site whenever you want!

Learning Stream Awards

A Learning Stream Award is given to a student upon completing the minimum requirements of two activities and one seminar that correspond to a single learning stream. There are six learning streams to work towards.

  1. Leadership
  2. Mentoring and Wellbeing
  3. Innovation and Creativity
  4. Global and Cultural Awareness
  5. Collaboration and Communication
  6. Community and Social Change

These can work alongside your degree to make your resume really pop. You can even receive them all if you want to. These awards are added to your UOWx Record, and are given to you when you graduate.

UOWx Award

Upon completion of two learning stream awards, you can apply for the UOWx Award Program. Once this program is complete, you will receive the UOWx Award when you graduate, along with all of your learning stream awards, and your UOWx Record.

The UOWx Award Program is a six to 12-month preparation course that helps you develop your networking skills and supports you through writing the perfect resume. You can attend career events, networking nights, coaching sessions and more. You can even get your resume reviewed by career experts and get one-on-one advice on how to tailor your resume to any job application you want.

How do I get involved with UOWx?

Now I know all of this can seem a little daunting at first. But I can assure you that it is easier than you think, because participating in the activities are so fun that you don’t view them as requirements at all. They’re just a bunch of awesome things on your schedule that make the study-work-life balance more achievable.

You can start small by cruising the quick-reference list of co-curricular activities.

If you’re looking for more information on UOWx and want a stress-free first activity, I strongly recommended enrolling in the UOWx101 program which’ll give you extra support for your journey. It’ll also count as one of the two activities you need for a Learning Stream Award. How great is that!

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