How Early Admission can make the biggest difference during the HSC

Tales from a UOW student

We know all too well the stress of the HSC, ATARs and study. Imagine if it could disappear, just like that? This could be a reality with UOW Early Admission.

Meet Tariro. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences at UOW. She is also one of the thousands of students who earned Early Admission into her chosen course before she did the HSC.  

We sat down with Tariro to find out more about her Year 12 experience and how Early Admission made the biggest difference while studying for her final exams.  

Where did you go to high school, and what did you study?   

I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, but came to Australia in Year 7. I attended a high school in Dubbo and studied Chemistry, Biology, English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2, Mathematics Advanced, and Visual Arts. I also studied Business Studies but chose to drop that in Year 12.   

How did you find studying for the HSC?   

It was challenging at times, especially as I had to do major works for Art and English on top of all my other subjects. But I enjoyed English, so I did work hard on them.  

What courses did you apply for in Early Admission? 

My first choice was Medical and Health Sciences, which I am studying now, and my second choice was Nursing.   

What drew you to the University of Wollongong?   

I heard about the Early Admission program, which I also did for a bunch of other unis, so I thought I'd take the chance and see what happens. I got my offer before I sat my chemistry exam and that was great for me. I didn't have the opportunity to go to Open Day because of COVID, but I investigated UOW online a bit more and thought it looked nice! It was an easy choice. I thought, 'I'll just go there!'   

How did it feel when the offer came through?   

I was studying chemistry. I was so stressed about my exam that I physically slumped down when I got the email. I thought, 'Wow. Okay. I actually got into uni. It's going to be okay.' That made such a difference for that exam because I knew it would be okay if I forgot something.   

Did knowing you had an offer to UOW help you in your exams?   

It took the pressure off the HSC. I hadn't received my offer before my first English exam, and I did notice a difference once I had it. With the following exams, knowing that I got into uni, I realised the amount of studying and preparation I had done that year. I didn't have to spend all-nighters because the work I had already done was enough. I still studied, but it was at a much healthier pace.    

How did you settle into your first year of uni?   

I liked how uni was structured because I got to pick when I went to my classes. I could choose to have them all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I had Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to do something else. I had time to join the Volleyball Club and Medical Health Society.