Early Admission: What's next?

Four things you can do after you submit your application.

You've submitted your UOW Early Admission application – well done! Here's a rundown of things you can do next.

If you've just submitted your Early Admission application and are thinking, 'what happens now', this article is for you. While you don't have to officially do anything until you receive your offer/outcome in September, there are still plenty of ways you can prep for university.   

Here are the top four things we recommend.

Keep studying

Early Admission is designed to help take the pressure off the HSC, so you can focus on doing your best. However, it's important to keep studying even if you get an early offer. Your ATAR is required if you want to apply to additional courses through UAC, which all have different selection ranks. Your eligibility for these courses depends on your ATAR, so keep working hard to earn the best mark and give yourself more options.  

The study techniques you learn and use throughout your final years of high school are crucial during university too. They allow you to find a method of study that works for you and will set you up for success once you begin self-directed university learning. Like strengthening your muscles at the gym, continued study strengthens your critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills, which are essential for uni and beyond. 

Attend Open Day

Open Day is an excellent opportunity to check out the campus and live like a UOW student for the day. We host two Open Days, one at our Liverpool campus and the other at Wollongong, which you can attend based on where you plan to study in 2024.   

There will be many things to see and experience while at Open Day. You can tour the campus led by current students, attend an info session, check out UOW accommodation, try out a class or workshop, and receive a 1-on-1 consultation with a course expert to confirm you're on the right path to your dream job.  

Open Day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the courses listed on your application and meet some of the academics you could be learning from next year. You can also find new study areas that spark your interest, and our Early Admission Application Hub will be able to walk you through any changes you want to make to your application.  

Plus, there will be plenty of freebies and prizes up for grabs on the day, so come on down for a coffee, ice cream, and maybe even a hoodie, on us.

Check-in with the Future Students Team

The Future Students Team is always here to answer any questions you have about studying at UOW, your application and everything in between. Don't be afraid to check in with the team if you have new ideas about your degree choices on your application, as they can help you find the path that will take you where you want to go.  

Early Admission aims to remove the stress of applying to university, not cause more angst. Don't hesitate to contact us if you feel anxious about your application. Our Future Students Team is made up of experienced experts who have either studied or are currently studying at UOW. They may have personal insight into whatever you’re worried about, and you’d be surprised how a quick chat can provide some much-needed reassurance. 

Explore our scholarship programs

UOW has heaps of scholarship programs for all types of students – they aren't just for the high–achievers. Are you a great athlete or excellent at STEM? Did you experience financial hardship during high school or need help settling into a new city? We suggest exploring our range of scholarship programs that can assist with living costs, pay for textbooks or cover your university fees. These opportunities can be life-changing and significantly enhance your university experience.