UOW Early Admission UOW Early Admission

Good luck with your interview!

All short-listed students should now have booked their Early Admission interview. We're looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Make sure you check out our tips for a great interview below, and be sure to get in contact if you have any questions about your Early Admission application.

Early Admission is UOW's early offer program for Year 12 students. It recognises the personal qualities and skills that define who you are.

We get to know you, look at the results you've got so far and can reward you with an early place in your chosen degree (or degrees) before you sit your first exam.

The world is changing at a rapid pace

To stay ahead, we've got to be prepared to adapt.

The issues that will be thrown at us may not currently be considered problems. The technologies we'll depend on may still need to be invented.

The career ahead of you may not even exist yet.

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