Our typography and its application should be used to support the core message of your communications. With our sophisticated primary and our contemporary secondary typefaces, communications with personality and interest can be produced.

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Primary typeface

Chronicle is our primary serif typeface.

Chronicle Display is designed for use at larger sizes while Chronicle Text, is designed to be used as a text typeface. Our primary brand font is used for headlines, sub-headings and introductory text across both print and digital applications.

Secondary typeface

Montserrat is our secondary typeface that we use to support Chronicle. This bold and contemporary sans-serif typeface comes in a variety of weights – four of which we recommend for use. Where possible, set paragraph text in sentence case.


We use our highlight to emphasise key information. It can be used in place of the UOW framework to create distinctive applications with an emphasis on type. The size of the underline is equal to the leading of the copy to which it is applied – and is offset to align to the centre of the text.

Using Highlights

There are two ways that highlights can be used.

The first applies when emphasising short phrases or single words within a paragraph. In this situation, aim to emphasise approximately 20% of the overall headline with a colour. Brighter colours such as Red or Bright Blue work well against White or Dark Blue and vice versa. Use sparingly as to not overly dominate communications.

Another way to use highlight is when applying highlights to paragraphs that sit over imagery. Here, they provide legibility and stand-out to a message. As a general rule, use a White or Dark Blue underline and emphasise with either Red or Bright Blue.


Our primary and secondary typefaces combine to create an ordered hierarchy across communications. The number of typefaces in the used will depend on the number of levels required.


Digital signage
Digital signage

Typography with framework

Typography works in a flexible way with the UOW framework. It can be positioned centred or ranged left, provided that it feels framed in some way. Elements can interchange and adapt across communications as shown below.

Top Left
6 Rows
4 Rows
3 Rows

Typography with image

Ensure to retain legibility of type if placing directly on to imagery or footage. As a general rule, use light text on dark backgrounds and vice versa.


Do not introduce non-brand colours to typography
Do not use CAPS in Chronicle
Do not use illegible tracking
Do not introduce lack of contrast in text highlights
Do not use type hierarchy incorrectly
Do not introduce lack of contrast between image and text

In application

Event Stand


Digital Screens

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Typography summary

  1. Our typographic style is an important component of our brand.
  2. Champion the use of Chronicle 
as much as possible.
  3. Use highlights sparingly.
  4. Embrace the use of white space.