The UOW framework is a dynamic element – based on Montserrat Medium – that acts as a primary building block for our brand. It scales and adapts according to the format, framing content from simple headings to imagery in a dynamic way. The UOW framework is available within UOW's official brand templates (designer kit).

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The UOW framework is a scalable element that can adapt its size across each row in the system, depending on the application. Our system works across a combination of 6, 4 and 3 rows.

6 Rows

4 Rows

3 Rows

Composition and scale

Each letter can be scaled and traversed within its allocated row, allowing dynamic interaction with logos, headlines, and visuals. However, the traditional legibility and letter ordering of ‘UOW’ must be upheld. Ensure that lateral shifts within rows accommodate print bleed considerations.

6 Rows

4 Rows

3 Rows


Different combinations of rows work better than others depending on the format. Select the number of rows to best suit the application.

Exceptions to the rule

For extreme landscape formats, such as bus wraps or event stands, the UOW framework can be scaled to between 80% and 100% of the length of the shortest side and cropped accordingly. This helps to create stand-out in busy environments.

Combining colour

Use the brand palette to colour the UOW framework and create contrast.




Framing imagery

The UOW framework can also integrate itself with and frame imagery. When selecting a colour combination, maintain contrast between framework and image.

Framing imagery
Layered full bleed

Social icons

The UOW framework can be used to construct social icons using a simple 3x3 grid. Use the grid to position the letters, allowing for both circular and square crops. Social icons can be coloured freely using the primary colour palette for flexibility.


Maintaining the use of the UOW framework is key to our brand consistency. Consider the following points of guidance when creating communications for our brand.

Do not alter the weight or typeface of the UOW framework
Do not comprimise the legibility of the logo with the framework
Do not re-order or change the size of the ‘U’, ‘O’ and ‘W’ letters
Do not add a 3D effect to the UOW framework
Do not crop the ‘U’, ‘O’ and ‘W’ in an illegible way
Do not introduce non-brand colours to the UOW framework
Do not obscure faces with the UOW framework
Scaling the ‘U’, ‘O’ and ‘W’ to different sizes

In application



Digital Screens


Event Stand

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Framework summary

  1. The number of rows determine the size of the framework.
  2. Less rows mean a more impactful use of framework.
  3. Use the framework to frame content such as logos, type and imagery.
  4. Create a variety of positions across a suite of applications.