What we do

We exist to be fearless in the pursuit of purpose. It’s a state of mind that drives us every day and is at the heart of our brand.


Why we do it

Our mission is to drive brave thinking and meaningful action that takes society forward.

This is our commitment to students, our team and the wider community.

How we do it
The strength of character long evident in the Illawarra region shapes how we do things. These behaviours define how we act as a brand, an organisation and as people.

we’re fearless. We take a strong stand in the face of society’s most pressing challenges. We challenge convention and forge our own paths. We embrace the unknown.

we’re real. Which means we stay fiercely true to our people, our community and our purpose.

we’re leading change. Because we realise the world needs it now. We make real, meaningful impact in people’s lives every day.

we’re relentless. Our culture is one built on hard work, determination and perseverance – whatever the obstacle. We stop at nothing in our pursuit of a better world.

A global brand
UOW’s character owes much to where we began in Australia. Today, we've grown into an International University with a global vision. Just like our identity, our brand is singular: one brand, that looks, feels, sounds, and behaves as one: Marketers call this a master brand. Far more importantly, it means that our audiences recognise us as UOW, no matter where they are, or how they find us.
Our brand line

Stand for purpose

Our brand line is a call to action. A challenge to join us in making the world better. It means we are driven by strong beliefs and delivering impacts that benefit society. We are focused on the bigger “why” for society and helping people find their purpose in life.

Our manifesto

What is fearless?

Fearless is facing up and standing up.

It’s being prepared to go outside the norms and comfort zones.

It’s embracing the future – and all of its challenges – the known and unknown.

Because today’s world belongs to the unconventional.

The original. And the brave.

And that’s why we’re ahead of the pack in driving results that matter.

That’s why our graduates are more employable than any other university.

That’s why our researchers are unlocking molecular secrets to fight disease.

We’re prepared to take a stand in the face of society’s most pressing challenges.

And that’s fearless.

Fearless in our pursuit of purpose, whatever the obstacles.

Fearless in leading change that matters.

University of Wollongong

Stand for Purpose