2021: The Year in Photographs

A look back at the memorable moments

It was a strange and surreal 2021 for many, with lockdown defining the latter half of the year. UOW photographer Paul Jones shares his best images of the year.


UOW student Susie Alderman, pictured under a tree at the beach. Photo: Paul Jones

UOW student Susie Alderman reflected on her five-year journey after graduation. 

Two researchers work at a lab at UOW campus. Photo: Paul Jones

In January, ACES researchers dispatched two customised bioprinters designed and manufactured in Wollongong to Indian medical device manufacturers as part of a strategic collaboration between UOW and Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone in India. 

Dr Sepehr Talebian and Dr Sepidar Sayyar, pictured in the lab at UOW. Photo: Paul Jones

UOW researchers Dr Sepehr Talebian and Dr Sepidar Sayyar with their 3D printed ear. 



Students chat to a UOW staff member during a Discovery Day event. Photo: Paul Jones

 School students take part in Discovery Day activities at UOW’s Wollongong Campus.

A man stands in a pond next to a giant duck at UOW. Photo: Paul Jones

Attack of the Giant Duck as the UOW staff prepare for O Week.


A picture of Wollongong's skyline. Photo: Paul Jones

In March, Wollongong felt like it was emerging from COVID…

A singer stands on stage with black, yellow and red balloons behind him. Photo: Paul Jones

A singer takes part in National Close the Gap Day event at UOW.


Two students chop bacon during a cooking lesson. Photo: Paul Jones

In April, students of UOW Tottenham Global Football Program took part in cooking lessons.

Geoff Spinks and Javad Foroughi look through a microscope. Photo: Paul Jones

UOW researchers Professor Geoff Spinks and Dr Javad Foroughi mimicked the supercoiling properties of DNA to develop a new type of artificial muscles for use in miniature robot applications.


Adam Gilchrist gives a thumbs up as he broadcasts from a UOW studio. Photo: Paul Jones

In May, UOW Ambassador Adam Gilchrist took part in a live broadcast from UOW’s studios.

Guy Warren stands in front of a work of art in a gallery at UOW. Photo: Paul Jones

Hills and Wings, an exhibition that celebrated the life of artist Guy Warren, was launched at UOW’s Art Gallery.


New Vice Chancellor Patricia Davidson stands in front of a line of trees. Photo: Paul Jones

UOW welcomed Professor Patricia M. Davidson as Vice-Chancellor. 

Vice Chancellor Patricia Davidson meets a nursing student at Loftus Campus. Photo: Paul Jones

Professor Davidson visited UOW’s campuses, including nursing students at Loftus Campus in Southern Sydney.


A man is given his COVID-19 shot during a vaccination clinic at Woolyungah. Photo: Paul Jones

A COVID-19 vaccination clinic for First Nations Peoples was held at Woolyungah Indigenous Centre.

An image of a rockpool with a cloudy sky. Photo: Paul Jones

Rockpool swimming was one of the few activities to do in the Illawarra, which entered a COVID-19 lockdown.


Sunlight peers through a canopy of trees. Photo: Paul Jones

 In August, bushwalking kept many busy during the COVID lockdown.

A fence is covered in stuffed animals. Photo: Paul Jones

 One of the region’s unique frontyards during lockdown.


A cloud that looks like a UFO is pictured in a blue sky. Photo: Paul Jones

Cloud watching was another way to pass the time during the COVID lockdown.

An echidna is pictured on campus at UOW. Photo: Paul Jones

A little echidna enjoyed having Wollongong campus all to itself.


A soccer player dives for a ball in front of a soccer net. Photo: Paul Jones

Sports teams were allowed to play again in October as the state slowly emerged from lockdown.

Moemoana Schwenke pictured on a rock, with a background of trees, at UOW. Photo: Paul Jones

Young climate warrior Moemoana Schwenke travelled to Glasgow to speak at the COP26 summit.

Hampus Eriksson, pictured standing at the beach against a cloudy sky. Photo: Paul Jones

ANCORS researcher Associate Professor Hampus Erikson was part of a team awarded $2.4 million to improve fish-based livelihoods in the South Pacific.


Davina Robson stands in front of a bird mural in Wollongong. Photo: Paul Jones

PhD candidate Davina Robson was one of two researchers awarded a NSW Department of Education Waratah Scholarship.

A man sits in front of La La La's bar in Wollongong. Photo: Paul Jones

UOW’s Set the Bar initiative will help keep people safe throughout Wollongong.

Two people stand under a shower at the beach, against a blue sky. Photo: Paul Jones

Beachgoers emerged from months of lockdown to enjoy spring at McCauley’s Beach. 


Patricia Davidson chats to international students, wearing a mask. Photo: Paul Jones

In December, the first cohort of international students were welcomed back to UOW.

A man lights a fire during a smoking ceremony at Woolyungah. Photo: Paul Jones

A Smoking Ceremony was held at Woolyungah Indigenous Centre to close the year.