Koala vocals providing key to saving species

A revolutionary new technique will identify individual koala voices

Why do we feel anxious before sitting a test?

Sweaty palms, a racing heart, an achy stomach. We’ve all felt it before: test anxiety.

Bright minds, bold ambitions and boundless passion

UOW graduates thrive beyond the academic walls

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The Stand exists to unlock the knowledge and expertise inside the University of Wollongong (UOW), telling stories about our people and their accomplishments that inform, educate and inspire. This magazine was born out of a renewed sense of place, purpose and values that will guide the University in fulfilling its role in exploring how to resolve society’s large and complex social, environmental and economic challenges.

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Wearable tech. Powered by happiness

Imagine a renewable energy source that doesn’t switch off when the sun goes down or when the wind stops. An energy source that is with us wherever we go.

How to find success as a woman in science

As children we are encouraged to dream big, and many young people – including young women and girls – aspire to a career in science.

How it works: HECS-HELP and CSP for Australian students

When you start thinking about university, you also begin to hear words and acronyms like HECS, HELP and CSP that seem pretty important – but don’t make much sense at first.

This is everything you need to do in Wollongong

In a prime location between the mountains and the sea, Wollongong is an adventurer's dream, filled with trails that lead to waterfalls, wildlife and breathtaking lookout points.

Q&A with Marlee Silva

Resilience and a determination to never give up are traits that have been passed on through generations of Marlee Silva's family - and she is no different.

How to make a weekend of UOW Open Day

From live music and performance, to delicious food and outdoor adventures, Open Day weekend is not one to miss in the Gong. If you have lived here your whole life, or you're keen to visit and get amongst the action on Open Day itself, here's how you can make the most of your time.