Three organisation tips for the new school term

Make it the best one yet

Don't let clutter and never-ending to-do lists shake your confidence. Keep on top of your schoolwork with these straightforward organisational tips.  

It's crunch time. Your final school term before the HSC can be overwhelming, but getting organised can help keep the pressure down. The little tasks like keeping your desk tidy, planning your time, and having a good routine make a huge difference when you're stressed.    

Here are three study tips to keep you organised for the new school term.   

Tip 1: Organise your space   

A dedicated study space can help signal your brain that it's time to focus. Keep it tidy by sorting through piles of papers that gather over the week and putting away your things once you finish studying. This means you'll always return to a fresh desk. A clean space makes for a clear mind.   

Try to limit distractions in your environment and keep it stocked with your essential study supplies. Constantly getting up to retrieve your laptop charger, calculator and water bottle can ruin your workflow. You’ll get into the swing of things faster if you have everything in the one place.  

Your study space should be where you feel comfortable and motivated to work, so make it unique to you. Add a cosy blanket or pictures of your mates if you find it encourages you to get through one more chapter.    

Tip 2: Create lists  

Writing daily to-do lists can help keep you in control and on track towards your goals. There is nothing more satisfying than a column of ticked-off tasks. Look how much you can achieve!   

However, if you find a growing to-do list overwhelming, convert it into a stack. Write down all your to-dos on sticky notes and stack them from least important to most important. Now, you have a prioritised workload where you only need to focus on one thing at a time. Once it's done, shoot the sticky note into the bin and move on to the next.    

If you prefer to keep things digital, there are plenty of helpful apps that sort and prioritise your workload. Google Tasks and Microsoft To Do are handy extensions for platforms you already use and keep your tasks all in one place.

Tip 3: Find a routine  

A study routine will keep you in control of your workload and ensure you have enough time to do the things you enjoy too.   

There is no right or wrong way to create a routine but understanding when and how you work best will mean you'll get the most out of your study sessions. Identify some parameters and stick to them, like books down after dinner or don't skip footy practice.   

During your allotted study time, set realistic goals of what you would like to achieve. This may be summarising certain pages in your textbook, writing the body paragraph of an essay, or doing a practice exam. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.  

Stick to your school timetable during the HSC study break. Start studying when you'd typically start school and use your class timetable to balance your attention evenly. Then, take your breaks during recess and lunch. 

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