What COVID-19 has taught us about our schools

COVID-19 has exposed the inequalities of our education system and placed tremendous pressure on our teachers

Stefania’s journey to outer space

Stefania Peracchi’s research into wearable radiation detectors for astronauts has taken her from Europe to Australia

Our black summer

It was a horror bushfire season. The staff at the UOWs Batemans Bay and Bega campuses rose to the challenge.

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Is your child ready for school?

Every year, countless parents debate whether their child is ready for the world of primary school. Dr Lyn Cronin, an expert in children’s literacy and school readiness, says there are signs that parents can look out for.

The 7 things you'll learn from doing an internship

UOW student, Shahira, recently completed an internship as part of her coursework, where she learned invaluable lessons about the world of work.

How uni can help you find your passion

For some students, discovering their passion happened at a very young age, while others are still trying to figure out what they want to do. Two University of Wollongong (UOW) students share their unique experiences of discovering their purpose and chasing their passions.

The social network

On the surface, uni might seem like a simple means to an end: go, get a degree, graduate. However, what UOW grad Stef Posthuma discovered – like most students – is that uni can enrich your life in so many ways. For Stef, the connections and friendships he made while studying at UOW set him up for the life and success he has now.

What will being a uni student look like in 2021?

The big question students are asking after a year like 2020, is what will being a uni student look like in 2021?

Careers ahead

If, right now, you have no idea where you’re heading, it might be time to ask yourself the ‘big questions’, or just jump in and let your curiosity guide you. For UOW grad Leonie, career success didn’t come without its fair share of hurdles, but one thing’s for sure, it’s the journey that counts.