Transforming microfinance for women's empowerment

A call for structural change

Counting down to UOWs campus opening in India

Q&A with Campus Director Nimay Kalyani

Boss battles: Can you handle a tough manager?

Expert tips to troubleshoot a toxic workplace from the latest UOW's Luminaries webinar

A career switch for the good of the planet

From the beaches of Wollongong to the frosty wilderness of Iceland

UOW campus in India is in prime position for July launch

Opening as the second highest-ranked university in India

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Social work students celebrate the beauty of community

More than 50 qualified and trainee social workers spent a day immersed in the beauty of nature and in the concept of community last week to celebrate World Social Work Day.

What's in a name?

Biologist and award-winning photographer Dr James Dorey explains the art of assigning names to bee species that are new to science.

Using big-data and genetic analysis to improve plant breeding around the world

In farming, it’s crucial to evaluate the best varieties of any given crop to plant each year based on how well different genetic lines perform in varied environments.

Three pivotal strategies for harnessing talent

Harnessing and optimising talent has never been more critical. As leaders and managers strive to navigate the complexities of talent management, the principles outlined in my new book, Rethinking Talent Decisions: A Tale of Complexity, Technology, and Subjectivity, offer a beacon of light.

Sprouting solutions

The concept of edible campuses hasn't taken off in Australia, but a team of dedicated nutrition and dietetics experts is determined to see UOW forge a different path

Powerful voices reveal the reality of economic disparity for women

Economic independence and housing solutions for women were the key topics brought to the table at a recent International Women's Day live panel discussion, presented by the University of Wollongong (UOW) and GongTalks.